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Yuri Ogibalov's Bizarre Adventure is top-down action rpg, focused on exploration, characters and fights. Explore the dangerous and not so friendly environment of the russian province. Fight enemies in turn based battle system with tons different weapons and items.

Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

I think this game has potench but controls need some tweaking!

Simple and fun game!

Only thing that i didn't like is friction of the box. But great game nonetheless.

That was hard but kinda fun! I like it!

Fantastic game!

This game is not about outplaying enemies it's about not outplaying yourself. Great game nonetheless!

Chaotic and juicy game. I like it!

Cute game!

Such a simple idea but well executed! Good stuff!

Yeah. It was ghost enemy. I didn't read description. My bad.

It was a fun! I built a wall around myself and watched how enemies trying to get me. And somehow one enemy did enter my fortress and killed me.

On third level game start lagging so much that i couldn't finish. But still cool game. Landing a shot is really satisfying!

Simple, juicy and fun!

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Fun game, it will be cool to pick up potions and use them later. 

Took me too long to find furnace but still liked the game. Good stuff!

Good game!

Amazing game! Everything is incredibly polished and well thought!

A little bit tough but still nice game!

Thanks. I really appreciate it!

Thank for playing. Didn't have time to fix buggy physics. Sorry about that one. Weird that music stopped after 30 seconds =\

I really like main mechanic, throwing axe and killing multiple enemies was satisfying. Cool game!


That was a fun!

Fantastic game!

Fantastic game!

Nice graphics and music and fun to play. Love it!

Fantastic game!

It was fun. Love it!

Nice graphics and sound but game a little bit too hard for me. 

Love it!

Nice art style, love it!

Yea last level was intentional. Thanks for playing!