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Sorry you couldn’t fully enjoy the game, may I ask if you were running the web or download version? 

Love the jam puzzles like this, requires some lateral thinking to finish the puzzles. Difficulty curve seemed good, you done did good :D

Good game, nice use of theme.

Managed to glitch out of the top of the map and finish the game that way :o

Hole in 1 :D

Very fun take on the theme, well done!

31 Consecutive chickens yeeted, it's a nice fun game you have there :)

unity 2019, exported to WebGL and win64

I’ve rated your game, here’s mine :)

My game is a puzzle platformer apparently similar to Swapper.

1. Does the level progression teach the mechanics well enough throughout to not be frustrating but also give the player those epiphany moments?

2. Are there enough twists for the game to continue to be engaging throughout this jam prototype?

3. If I were to continue with this game, what sort of art style/ theme would you think would suit this game?

(I’ll also try and start helping people with their stuff once I get back to my pc)

For sure the strangest maze I've ever been in. Very original!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Brutal, love it

Well designed!

Very pretty game!

Also game name twins! xD

It's a shame the game got deleted, fun tetris type thing. Highscore of 8 :D

Original for sure!

Those faces are cute :P

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the comment :)

Thank you for the in-depth feedback. I must admit, playing the game so much I kind of forgot that the controls were a bit floaty. I really need to play this Swapper game that keeps being mentioned xD

I'm glad you liked the puzzle design, it's something that's hard to tell how well its going to go without testing with many people. It sounds like I need to play this Captain Toad game for inspiration if I work on this in the future, thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah the blue blocks only check if all of the clones are dead on the frame you enter it, so you'd have to move away and back to fix that. Something I could've easily fixed. Oops. Glad you enjoyed it though, it was fun to make :)

Thanks for the heads up, what browser are you using?

Great concept, plently of room for complex levels using wall jumps instead of A/D.

Also the cuteness helps :)


Simple and addicting - Need this on my phone ;)

My trusty godmode boy swimming around in a graveyard of his dead comrades, very ominous...

Exactly what you'd expect xD

First game I've played of this Jam, really like those masks!

'If I make enough clones one of them will go into the blue box' Actually worked xD

Good puzzle game, we seemed to have a similar interpretation of the theme but I really do like your execution.

'The Wolves will feast tonight'

Not today!

So much fun, really cool theming. Just wow :D

Some very sneaky bits in there ;)

Falling out of the world doesn't kill you btw. Other than that some well thought out levels and stringing multiple bounces off the enemies is very satisfying!

Patience was not my friend xD

Good atmosphere, idea and execution. My only sugestion would be to maybe let the clones stay in position after the reset? I had to redo a few button presses as I underestimated the size of the levels . 

Also loved the cute character!

Took me a while to get the hang of it but I like it :D

A fun and great challenge, couldn't get passed the third level though. Any tips?

(Also loving that enemy art!)

Thanks for the response!

You've managed both level 6 & 7 much faster than I ever could, which is a little embarrassing on my behalf but congratulations on setting the unofficial record. As for patiently waiting on the platform to die, I'll just add spikes around the base or make the platform a lot smaller.

I too do a fair bit of climbing so I'll try and add more realistic grab mechanics based on what you've said and my personal experience. I don't know how quickly I can get an update out because I've had to start again but hopefully once it's done you'll like the changes.

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