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Yeah! You may reuse code.
Whatever helps you make your game :)

Fun little game! The sound design for the drone could have used a bit more attention. I also think the difficulty is too high.  

Cool concept! I It's very fun to play. 
I'm not a fan of the camera angle. I think it makes it hard to see what's going on. 
The sound design was also very quiet compared to the music. 

I like the concept. Sadly, it's not working on my computer. The game starts flickering and getting buggy after a moment, and I can't press the start button. 

What a cute game! Very well done. It's super polished all around. I would have liked to have seen some options in-game. I didn't know I could shoot. 

Very enjoyable! Would love to play this on mobile! :D

Delightful little game. Do I sense some JackBox inspiration? ;)
As mentioned, voice acting is great, music and sound effects are well done. 
It's funny, got great writing, and a fun aesthetic. 

The  "answer correct" is slightly too loud :P

Well done y'all :D

Solid little game! I like the aesthetic, and you did well on the audio. Nice use of dynamic music. :D

Cute little game! The sound effects are cute. I would have liked a bit more audio like some background music while playing. 
How does this game relate to the theme? :) I couldn't quite figure it out.

This is a really cool concept, I'm sadly really confused as to what I'm supposed to do. A tutorial or small explanation would help a lot!

You've got a really cool art style. It immediately sets the mood, the music immediately adds to it.
The gameplay was was a bit on the frustrating side for me. It took me too long to make the first jump on the moving platform. I felt like I'd made it, but then I'd hit a spike I hadn't seen. 
I recommend using a sound scatterer next time for footsteps :) They're a little too same-y. 

Overall you've got a nice little game. I'd love to see you improve the controls and levels! :D

I enjoyed your game! :) It's a fun and silly concept. This would be perfect with touch controls. 
Choice of music is nice :D

Thank you so much! :D

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

What a neat little game! I like the way you used the theme. At first it wasn't clear to me what happened when I died, but it made sense after the first level. I enjoy the art style, and the death animation is great.

The music is neat. I would recommend not fading it out every time the level changes. You could instead use a lowpass filter, or fade in a different picee of music.

Overall nicely done :D

Fun twist on a maze! I sadly didn't have any audio, I thought there would be since there's a button for it in the bottom. 
I was wondering, how did you implement the theme in this? I couldn't figure it out. 
Well done overall :)

What a cute game!!!

Very cute! I like it :)

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for making and sharing this!

What a clever game! Really enjoyed playing it. The mechanic is super interesting :) I got stuck on level 6 XD

Thanks for the feedback and rating! :D

Very well done! Interesting concept. Definitely continue working on this! I think this would be ideal on mobile. :D

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Very nice design! Love the puzzles that this mechanic creates. Jumping up high with the box was incredibly satisfying.
I think you should be a little more forgiving with checkpoints in between puzzles. Personally, once I've finished a puzzle, I don't like to have to do it again if I die at the next one. I

The death sound is too loud, it needs to be turned down a little. :) Well done!

Very interesting puzzle! I got stuck at renew because I refreshed my page haha

Thanks for your feedback!

It relates to the theme, because each weapon has only one use. :)

Hey! Do you have a composer yet for your project? I'd love to join in and provide your game with music!

You can find my portfolio here:

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