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More is coming! Wishlist Nancy on Steam. :-)

Click the left mouse button.

Thanks for the message, noctiscorvusmeister! You should give it a try with audio (we're very proud of the sound track). Stay in school!

For anyone seeing this, I spoke to joshamster11 on Discord. If you're interested in covering Nancy or have any questions you can get in touch through our Discord or directly at

Thanks Supermanbutnot—will do!

Show off!

Thanks rac0208 😊


Thanks blorpy! :-)

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Thanks for playing but we can't be having any spoilers on the game page!

Thanks Sir TapTap. Loved the vid. <3

Sweet vid. Cheers RobsonRages!

🙏Thank you.

Thanks, glad you like it enough to play three times. :-D The story you played was from our 48 hour version, we'll have a play around with the difficulty if we expand it.

Thanks so much! :-)

:-) Glad you think so!

Thanks salpet. If you follow our Itch page we'll be sure to announce any updates. :-)

Ah, I see! Maybe a little "Q" above the item when it comes to rest.

I did, yeah. :) The first "no" caught me off guard, haha.

An amibtious attempt at a unique concept, and an excellent take on the theme. I feel the mechanics are a bit too complicated and as a result it's a bit unfocused and difficult to understand. The in-game text is a intimidating, you could cut back on word count. With a bit of experimentation and simplification I think you could get a really cool game out of this.

I also discovered the health/heal exploit. I'd like to see some more puzzle elements relating to each room. i.e. the room you're in and previous actions affect the options that are available to you. Also I didn't notice the difference between the non-Emily characters.

Thanks Ran-chan, too kind! :-)

Hey that was cool. Loved the hypnotic audio and the art. I think a third button to rotate palette in the other direction would be a nice addition (although I appreciate the minimalism of two buttons). My main frustration was that it you couldn't tell which palette the hidden enemies and bullets were on. It would be cool if each enemy and bullet shape was exclusively on one palette so the player could learn to identify and quickly swap. Otherwise it feels like trial and error and kind of kills the flow.

No way am I getting 1500, this game is tough. ;-)

Thanks so much! We're considering how we might extend it. :-) Sorry to hear you hit bugs, they're all fixed now--we'll update after voting closes.

 I gave your game a whirl too, nice work!

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Well done, I'll never take my second stick for granted again! Great use of an economical art style. Very easy to understand and fun to play. I started playing with keyboard but I had to get my controller out. Snappier rotation (I think you have too much smoothing) and/or spread on the bullet bursts could help with aiming. The enemies tend to clump up a bit which is cool, but I think some more interesting AI behaviours could deepen the strategy.

Good concept and easy to pick up. 

You could have taken the mechanic much further. The challenges were quite easy, and the red and blue tiles were never in my way. I would have liked to see puzzles that have multiple goals you need to hit in order (so you need to roll between them a specific way).

Also it was unclear what contributed to my score. It was extremely high, but I only noticed it when I got to the end. Score could be an interesting  mechanic though, if it was easier to understand. Maybe just a count steps, where a lower score is better (or it could be compared to a par for each puzzle).

Cool submission though, and I love the wordplay in the name. :-)

Woah that's a really creative concept. The aesthetic is nice. It took me a long time to work out what to do, and to be honest I don't think I was 100% certain that I understood how it worked, I found it very cryptic. Nonetheless I completed the game only skipping one puzzle.

I agree with the other comments that a fast-forward or skip of the music part would be nice.

Finally getting around to playing your game after your lovely feedback. This rocks! The aesthetic is perfect. Loved the voice while you're flying. (Also shout-out to the airborne security guard's butts.) I had a huge grin on my face the whole time.

My only criticism is that it wasn't difficult enough--I would have preferred to have a faster base speed and more obstacles to dodge. Also it felt like I was constantly veering to the right when I wasn't steering which was a bit irritating.

Overall well done! Thanks for the giggle.

Beautiful game, nailed the aesthetic and the music. Took me a _long_ time to work out that my cursor was directing the throw mechanic, which was a bit of a head scratcher. But I got it eventually!

I would have liked a way to recover from throwing my jump boots out of reach though.

Good concept, it's like a cross between Zoombinis and Papers, Please. Loved the music. The art for the aliens and the items in the case was great.

I think the game needs some feedback when you click the red and green buttons. I was confused about whether I should drag things on or click them, or if they even did different things (because you get the same outcome either way... the traveller just keeps on walking).

Would also be good if you randomized the names of the items on every play through for replayability. (Although to be honest I found it very difficult already so I was relieved that you didn't!)

Solid mechanic and concept, I worked it out quicky (it's still difficult). The game would benefit from a bit of tuning and polish, but solid effort nonetheless. I'd have loved a combo bonus to encourage the player to keep the enemies alive to slash em all in one go.

Simple concept but well executed and complete. I'd suggest having an animation on the early slash and some way of identifying which player you are, I assumed I was on the left.

Personally I liked the flashing, nice way of having a high-impact effect without violence and too much animation. Gotta appreciate that you got the phone build up too.

Well executed little game here. I'd suggest having an animation on the early slash and some way of identifying which player you are.

Personally I liked the flashing. Reminded me of anime. :-)


Good catch! That loop is there just in case someone plays the game and doesn't realize they can say no (A long shot yes, but you never know!)

"Should I walk behind you, Nancy?"


"How about in front of you you?"

"Hmm... No."

"What about beside you, as your friend?"

Thanks LordSandwich! We are humbled by your top marks!

Thanks Sleeper but... you gotta play to have a perfect day!

Thanks n00begon! Glad you enjoyed the story!

"Nah Oh oo~"

That might be the most accurate subtitle possible.

Writer here.

I am immediately making that change, haha.