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four personalities, only one body
Submitted by ambrits (@DanielAmbrits) — 2 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6064.0004.000

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This was a really interesting concept and executed very well! Not super polished, but that's not the important part for this jam :)

It's a cool concept, but I do wish the story was a bit different. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

An amibtious attempt at a unique concept, and an excellent take on the theme. I feel the mechanics are a bit too complicated and as a result it's a bit unfocused and difficult to understand. The in-game text is a intimidating, you could cut back on word count. With a bit of experimentation and simplification I think you could get a really cool game out of this.

I also discovered the health/heal exploit. I'd like to see some more puzzle elements relating to each room. i.e. the room you're in and previous actions affect the options that are available to you. Also I didn't notice the difference between the non-Emily characters.


the concept was really cool. I would love to see this idea fully realized somehow in like a 3rd person game. I got a little bit confused with some of what was going on and kind of just won by trial and error. But it kept me engaged and and even made me feel a little tense, so it's pretty cool you were able to achieve that in a 48 hour jam. 


The interpretation of the theme is probably the most clever I've seen this jam. That being said I felt the game in itself was a bit to easy. I mainly switched between spamming heal and help and cleared it pretty painlessly. I feel like there would need to be some type of penalty for spamming heal in order to discourage it. Idk. Would love to see you expand on the concept ^^


Interesting spin on the theme. It would be interesting where this could go next


Interesting use of the theme and the idea with multiple personalities. Though, I could finish the game without using "help" and "skip" feature. But over all well done.


Neat idea. The heal was a bit too powerful, removing the threat of losing.

Also, rather than just checking all cupboards, maybe take some inspiration from Clue and have the player try to figure out the right weapon in some way ?


Interesting take on the theme -  I like hwo the game mechanics have you arguing with yourself, even if the interface is a bit opaque. Heal seems a bit too useful - I don't think a strict fail state would make the game better per ce, but it could help to feel a bit more tension/pressure once you figure out the best way to stay alive.


Very interesting idea. I agree with what shigatosis mentioned on this game.
Would be great to see more games play with the idea of multiple personalities. 

An interesting idea with potential, I would like to see more of this but in a different game genre. Good job


I really enjoyed this game! I like the mechanics and design, the one drawback being that I don't think the theme is all that well implemented; it's almost like more things where you'd normaly expect one. Overall though, definitely enjoyable.