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Thanks for the praise :)

It happened organically in the jam as we discussed in what ways multiplayer is more of an experience or an idea. We had a whole philosophical moment purely because we were cheap haha.

I like all the different interpretations and comments on this aspect of the game - ita a subject ripe for exploration.

Thanks for the praise. The comment is not appreciated - the game is not actually multiplayer, that is our next level subversive approach to the theme. There is no username of this, go troll some other entry. If you saw that name, you entered it. If you did, you suck. 

Nice nice detective work :) I think we are strongly considering turning this into an actual IO page in the near future. I think we'll juice it up then!

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We wont tell if you dont :) Thanks for playing!

completely functional.

what if - you were the ONLY ONE though 


Thanks! Look forwards to seeing it on it's own IO page!

Thanks, it's pretty hilarious and though provoking to see people play it.

Cool idea, really recontextualises how you have to think about each chess piece. Looking forwards to seeing here this goes!

Sure thing! Yeah, it's been fun seeing people get hooked in the rhythm.

Soon (tm)

Thanks! I'm honestly in love with how cute it turned out :)

Thanks for playing!

Unity inspires our trash.

Our game isn't multiplayer.

Multplayer where's Waldo. Avec colors.


I can over you colors.

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Dont forget to level up that battlepass!

Appreciate the praise ;)

We did you one better. Streamed it baby.

Thanks! Keep those eyes peeled.

thanks for taking the time to play <3

Thanks, I appreciate that :)

Nice and tight, cool flair and polish. Smells like classic R-Type to me. 

Normally wouldn't comment on design, but wanted to share some thoughts. It would be cool if the bullet would follow your for longer so that you can fire it far away and then use it to 'sweep' over other targets as it returns to you and you keep flying in circles. Another thought is how the same screenwrapping that affects the asteroids could play into that.

Enjoying the audio and visuals!

Surprising how little audio and a black and white makes me feel like I'm in space. Enjoyed the pressure in this moonsuit.

I like the visual contrast of the friend to the background and enemies, it really feels like a point of hope.

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It's surprising how frantic little morse code snippets can get.  Reminded me of mashing musical notes with my keyboard during a rhythm test.This was cool.

This really validated my desire to smash capitalism.

This was funny and light, with great feel. Thanks!

Already did bud!

Howdy Everyone,

Myself and two friends made a game for this jam under our collective name - which is something we started doing after we collaborated at Nordic Game Jam this year. 

All three of us are working/have worked in AAA or indie/freelance game development in a variety of roles, and we have been doing game jams on and off for years. We formed our collective out of a specific mindset - we want to embrace creativity without the requirement of excellence, outcome, or expertise. To try new, dumb, thrashy things and celebrate the process and flow of just making. We reject competition, and try to project universal positivity. 

Seeing this many people make things is amazing. To all you who have just done this for the first time - well done. Be proud in your expression, even if you never do this again. Try new things, evangelize to your friends. I sincerely hope that you come away from this process with an appreciation of how starved our culture is for artistic expression  as a means of self development regardless of selling or appealing to other people - and that you carry the power to make what YOU want to see forwards. 

As for our game, we actually abandoned our first project on Sunday morning once we realised that the scope and direction were not clear, and we would not have time to make the core statement work well. (We wanted to make a persistent online waiting-in-line simulator - the trashiest most boring game ever where the only purpose is to wait while we throw confetti at your face. Think of a cookie clicker where nothing you do actually makes things go any faster.)

So, some brainstorming later, we recycled some of our art and tech - mainly stuff we were putting into a character creator - and decided to make a multiplayer where's waldo game instead.

You can find it here:

Keep creating. Empower others. Embrace the trash.

Yours with love,

The Big Breakfast Collective

Thanks for taking the time to play <3

Ive seen one player exploit it but there is actually a limit. However it should not break the backend so don’t worry. 

Do you want to comment on how funny this is? NO

Really enjoyed the musicality and cosmic themes! Can see lots of interesting bullet hell gameplay coming from this brief snippet.

Agree with the previous comment, like the detail and pressure in some of the puzzle execution!

This was a fun surprise, simple and engaging to see all that symmetrical movement.

Interesting take on the theme -  I like hwo the game mechanics have you arguing with yourself, even if the interface is a bit opaque. Heal seems a bit too useful - I don't think a strict fail state would make the game better per ce, but it could help to feel a bit more tension/pressure once you figure out the best way to stay alive.