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Great simple game. I love the visuals and everything was easy to understand. I would like to see some more experimentation so players aren't just following a cook book, but everything else is great. Good job!

Pretty  fun and it did make me laugh a couple times. Combining flowers to create new spells fits the theme perfectly and I enjoyed the different spells that I could create. One grievance I had with the game was that the player moves very slowly and I would like to see that sped up.  Also there is an oversight where if you get 5 of the same flower you can't make anymore spells as you can't delete anything from your inventory to my knowledge. Otherwise the game is very charming and got a sensible chuckle out of me a couple times. Good job!

This was fantastic! I loved how fluid the game felt and mixing up combinations was very statisfying. Everything was there in the presentation as well. Very well done!

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It was fun. It took me a second to get my barings but I enjoyed the weird atmosphere. The mouse sensitivity was very high so I would like to se an option to scale that down. The sounds were also agresive but I didn't mind them too much.  The main thing I would add is some player creativity. Right now you only pick up crystals and handles and use them up then find some more. What if you could combine the crystals or maybe different handles and crystals create different effects?! Anyway good job!

Yeah there isn't a lot here to critque.  I enjoyed the theme and artstyle and I think if you had enough time to implement the gameplay you could make something very fun and unique. 

It's good but has some problems. I want to see some tutorial messages so I know what I'm doing . You have the two at the hub but as far as I know those are the only ones. Also this game has some bugs. I brewed the fire thingy and I could use it in the hub but when I left through the portal it dissappeared. Also the camera is too low and when you have to fall into the other room you can't see the bottom and making blind falls which sometimes was on enemy projectiles. I did however like the art style and music. Good job!

I liked it. It has its flaws but overall I think this is a solid game. Some changes I recomend would be to focus on the phases. Right now you have a 30 second countdown before the next wave begins and that is just not enough time to set up your flowers. Instead I would give the player more/infinite time to set up the flowers in a planning phase then in the combat phase you can have the flowers slowly grow back so that placement and what kind of flowers you plant requires strategy. And then you also don't need to freeze the game during combat to plant more flowers. And finally arranging the flowers was kind of tedious and I would have liked a drag system so I can plant flowers just by holding a button and moving over the spots. Otherwise I really enjoyed this concept and can see this being a really fun game to play.

I really enjoyed the gameplay and I think it has a lot of potential with some improvments. I love how combing methods and properties created new magic which I think fits the theme very well. One thing I would like to see changed is the magic menu its self. It's a bit clunky to use and I think a combo system or radial menu would work better. Good job!

You definitely stuck to the theme. It reminded me of those key pusher arcade games where you have one button. This game was challenging and fun. Good job

A very cool and fun game. It gets jarring trying to maneuver with only two buttons, but that's a good thing. I really enjoyed the game. Good job

An interesting idea with potential, I would like to see more of this but in a different game genre. Good job

That was a fun, cute, little game. It fits the theme perfectly and overall was just a good game. I love the pixel art and style. Just needs some chiptune music to make it complete.  One little thing I would want changed is the restart button. It's mapped to right click, but my fingers are on the arrows and z key. It would be nice if it was closer so I wouldn't have to change figure positions. Anyway good job. 

This was a really cool idea. I didn't think removing all the text and using only emoji's would change the gameplay that much, but it totally does. Deciphering what people are saying is in itself a puzzle. And because I was left to decipher everything I could make up my own story along the way. Very Good job. Also, I recommend you play this in a browser otherwise some the emoji might not work. 

I enjoyed this game. Not really for the gameplay, but for the atmosphere. The calm music, with the beautiful backgrounds made it a real stress reliever. However If I were to judge this as a game it could use with some improvements. It's difficult to dodge the meteors and know when to switch gravity. I'd like to see more obstacles with different effects that gravity has on them. Like a trap on the floor that you can deactivate with high gravity. Very well done.

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It seems to be connected to the refresh rate of the display. On my 144hz monitor I never got hit and I left it running for 10 min. But when I ran it on my 60hz monitor I got hit in the first 30 seconds.

It's interesting idea and I can see some potential. It was a weird trip and I enjoyed my time. I would like to see the gameplay expanded. From what I can tell you talk to the passengers, but you can't choose the dialog option. And by talking to other passengers you will unlock new choices for previous passengers. Maybe more feedback of who I should talk to next would help,  instead of having me talk through the passengers entire dialog. Good work.

That was a blast. It's like a mix between Wario Ware and Duck Game, but with the twist that everything you do to yourself you actually do to the other player. It was chaotic and fun and really messes with your head. I definitely want to see this expanded with more modes, more player support, and more chaos. Good job.

I'm a bit confused. You hire Soldiers and they attack the enemy and you hire hero to kill a monster and get 100g and that's the game. I think I'm missing something, but I don't know what. Maybe a tutorial or some tool tips to help me understand. I like the multiple cameras, it lets me keep on eye on the whole battlefield from multiple angles. I would like to resize or move the cameras though to fit it more with my play style. Good work.

It's an intersting idea. It took me a bit to understand the controls, but after I figured it out it wasn't that hard. The one thing I would change would be using numbers to take control of the ball. With my hand already at WASD and the mouse it was hard to switch between entering numbers and controlling the ball. Maybe only use WASD for the quick time event or at least add numpad support. Good job.

It played pretty well without the rolling.  I wouldn't say it was static, I just love moving fast in video games. I did however have difficulty deflecting bullets. I just couldn't get the timing down so opted for rolling a lot. 

Decent game and I had fun. I like the concept of having multiple characters to choose from and you can take different paths depending on who you choose. It felt more like a bullet hell than a metroidvania at times, but still pretty good.

Really awesome and unique game mechanic. It was fun and challenging and fits in perfectly with the spirit of this jam. My only criticism was that I wish there was a button to quickly turn around so I didn't have to keep moving my mouse so much after I get the perspective I want.

It's ok, I felt like you could have done more with the concept. The only things you do in this game is lay down a bomb and then walk away. If you used the bomb in more interesting way I think you could make this really fun. Good job.

This was a lot of fun. It's a really unique idea as well. My favorite part was how I can roll through walls. Probably not intended but it made the game feel more dynamic.

Interesting, it's essentially an endless runner but you actually have to aim where you click. Good work.

Very interesting idea and it was fun to play through. I can see potential in this, with a couple of quality of life changes it could make for a compelling game. Good job.