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A fighting game where every injury is transferred to the other player
Submitted by tomcheshire (@tcheshire_dev), seanrugg (@seanrugg) — 11 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
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Oh, I'll definitely play this with my friends. Cool game with a big replayability factor


There's definitely a fun party game idea in this! It's cool that there are a variety of levels, from more skill based ones to ones where it's all about figuring out the puzzle.

Awesome! I saved it on my favorites. This game is simply perfect. I loved every single stage of it. Thank you so much for this!

That was a blast. It's like a mix between Wario Ware and Duck Game, but with the twist that everything you do to yourself you actually do to the other player. It was chaotic and fun and really messes with your head. I definitely want to see this expanded with more modes, more player support, and more chaos. Good job.

One of the best games this jam! TNT level was annoying though

Very fun puzzler about trying to kill yourself to deal it back to the opponent. I can see how this could expand into Braid levels of mechanics and complexity beyond just 'find the hurt, and get hurt'. I would want to avoid stuff like the final stage where it's more about speed and execution, instead of figuring out a puzzle. It seems to go against the best points of this game.


I am really feeling as if I am not playing with someone since I am only looking to kill myself, while the other player is looking to kill himself with no interaction between us.

If you would've added a secondary mechanic to support the core idea I would most probably love it.

That being said, I really like the level diversity, You can tell you've put a lot into it in this one weekend


That's an interesting point you've raised and it's something we'd like to build on, especially in a potential co-op scenario where the 2 players have to actively communicate to solve problems together.

We had a lot of fun thinking of different level ideas, thanks for the feedback!

Fantastic entry, creative and just plain fun! The level with the springs was a bit buggy, but otherwise one of the best entries I've tried so far.

I would play a full coop game built on this concept :)


Glad you enjoyed it, we'd love to do a co-op mode as well - there wasn't time for it in the jam but we'll think about it in future!

This was a creative, great execution, my only gripe would be that some of the levels have repetitive ways to die and some have unclear mechanics that didn't seem to work the first time around(the level with the springs.


Thanks, we'll take on board the point about unclear mechanics. With the springs, they only have an effect if your opponent is on the ground, which I'll admit can be confusing!


REALLY Cool Idea a neat spin on the kill yourself the fastest games that I remember on flash websites as a kid


Thanks, we thought it would open up some interesting possibilities, such as being able to affect each other’s movement. We still have tons more ideas!

A nice reverse psychology party game.

I wouldn't say it's matching the "fighting game" genre very much, but it goes against gaming and winning a challenge overall so it's still a very valid contribution.

Would like a full (small) party game like this :)


It's entirely possible that by subverting the entire point of a fighting game we've created something else entirely. I like your description actually!

We've got a ton of ideas of how to expand the game, but we definitely don't want to lose that fast-paced party game feel. Thanks!