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1v1 insult fighting game (of course you can't fight)
Submitted by lolfrad (@lolfrad), badlemon — 2 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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I like the concept of the game but is hard to know, exactly, what is the correct answer to an attack. That applies to the mood system too. I don't know if a character's mood determines the effectiveness of a response, or if that depends only on the used remark. Good graphics, and right background music. I'm glad to see you used Godot to make the game.

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I really like this concept, and the execution from an art and how the game works in general is great. However, it's too difficult to figure out what mood will work with what attack. It honestly feels like you could come up with an argument to fit any mood that could potentially be a "winning argument."

Maybe if the system was a little more like insult sword-fighting in Monkey Island where you can see what the actual response is, so you can kind of judge it on the merits of the actual argument. It would also be super nice to have an AI that just picks random things or something just to have someone to go against.

And, of course, as was mentioned before, some of the content is a little iffy. I saw you mentioned that you intended to satirize common couples, which is fine. It's just always something that you have to be careful with when covering heavy topics (domestic/emotional abuse are beyond heavy). You can get away with playing around with topics like that, but it has to be very smartly done. Just food for thought.


Thanks for the detailed feedback. Appreciate it.

Yeah, lack of system communication is what appears to be the biggest issue of the game. I've already talked too much about it in the other comments so I'm just gonna nod quitely here :) . 

As for Monkey Island, it's obvious that it's a big inspiration. But at the same time we didn't want to make the game feel like a rip off but actually make something fresh and new. In our case: "guess which argument is best for a certain mood".  And "find out which argument triggers the mood more".

I realize now that the topic we chose is kind of tricky. I saw that some people don't take it as a satire and didn't see that the stereotypes were exaggerated and intentional.  Which I guess would be evaded if there was more time for writing and thinking. And making the characters even more flat and comic. So point taken. 

But this is actually an interesting casus. Where is the exact line beyond which it's not ok to make games (or any kind of media actually) about something? I agree it's all about the message you're trying to give and the way you execute that.  I've seen some movies and games touching way more controversial themes and doing it so brilliantly that you end up with a positive message and a learnt lesson in the end. And I remember the ancient quarrel about "violence in games leads to violence in real life". I'm personally againts taboo topics and putting boundaries on creative content as long as there is a meaningful message behind the author's intentions (carefully and properly translated to the audience of course) and there are no offensive intentions against someone. Can't really put my thoughts into just a few sentences as this is a deep and controversial subject as well. But yeah, I'd definitely be careful next time I'm touching a theme like this. 


Yeah, not saying you crossed any lines or anything. Just advising caution when dealing with topics like that (especially when you have so little time to consider what you're saying). When dealing with touchy subjects, the difference between something considered meaningful/worthwhile and something considered offensive is often just how well it's done. 


I think like some other commenters I struggled figuring out the system underpinning everything, but I like the idea!


Nice graphics and presentation. It was fun choosing from all the motives for why they were discussing and seeing the responses, but I felt bad in the end for making the girl cry :'( hope it's not based on real discussions from the authors!


Don't worry. Not based on a true story. No ego was harmed during production ;)


This reminds me greatly of Oh, Sir! - just with less logical damage dealing and complete sentences instead of hand-picking words. It's alright, and pretty creative, but it doesn't fit into the theme of the jam well.

Deleted post

Thanks for playing and giving feedback. Btw, it is a multyplayer game :D 

Didn't really get the idea with the rating of the damage. You mean like a server where people are watching and giving rates to whom handles the fight more properly? Might be fun idea but I guess it'll be a totally different thing then : ) Right now it's more of a Hearthstone type of thing.

Submitted (1 edit)

DESIGN: The idea is quite interesting. I've always wondered about the idea of making a game out of conversation - because there are in many ways strategies that are used, especially in arguments, to compete for social standing/credibility. This was a pretty good execution of that, although in my quick playthrough it was hard to know exactly why each selection was causing the moods to react the way they did.

THEME: I really think a wiser choice could have been made for the theme put on top of this design. I see in other comments that you say the sexist stereotypes were intentional, but it's not clear from the game itself whether this is satire, or whether this is how the creators view the world. Besides the stereotypes, the name and main gif strongly (but I think inaccurately) suggest a game about violent domestic abuse. It's totally fine to have this in games, but it should be a purposeful and careful decision, in my opinion. I think in this case it's just a misleading image, but worth noting as it may put potential clickers off :)


Thanks very much for detailed feedback! It gave me a lot to think about. Here are some quick comments on my side:

DESIGN: Thanks for the good words. The general idea was to mash up Monkey Island's dialolgue  insult swordfighting with turn based tactical damage system. I totally agree that the system should be giving a little more feedback to the novice player (and that's what will do in the postjam version). But the main goal was to learn the game basics through at least several playthroughs (especially if two people are playing it 1v1). I know that in the jam people will be giving it one or two tries, but in long term we wanted to make a lasting experience with a big replayability factor.

THEME: Will think about your feedback and when we add some intro and more context I'll make sure that it looks more of a satire (which is our main intention). 


This is such a treat! Really well done. I love the way you took the restrictions for the jam and ran with it.  It's hilarious. 

I like all the ideas behind the different arguments/counters. All of it feels very much like an "experience" than a game, and that's not a negative, I think it works. It's almost a visual novel in a way.

Great art. Good Content. Solid. I do think it would help if there were some sound effects that sound effects and epic ones for when you deal "blows."  Or just, more fighters to see how they interact.

Submitted (1 edit)

This is a great game. A lot of content, and I like the idea.

I think this has a lot of potential as a mini rpg with different people in your life.

Needs a bit more of a tutorial for polish.

Please rate me at


Ok about the game design:

1. Feedback as discused: I am not sure when I am using something that can substract HP.

2. It may be a bit sexist, but I don't mind too much about that as there are all kinds of couples.

3. Also I see it lacks a bit of context, it is weird to start a converstation insulting with no apparent reason. Maybe it'is not important from the core game mechanic but I think it's worth mentioning.

In general, I think it is really gorgeous to the eye and the mood is definetly portrays a poisonus couple arguing ruthlessly, which is an execution to appreciate. Other tnan that, not sure how it could evolve, maybe I didnt understand the mechanical value of it.

Overall I liked it a lot hehe ^^ congrats on a nice entry


Thanks for feedback. Will reply here as well.

1. First thing we'll add to postjam version is a little bit of system feedback. I agree it's kind of hardcore now. ( but aren't all 93 era games :) )

2. Both characters are purposely made stereotypical and prejudice. I just joke about common relationship problems. No sexism intended : )

3. There was an intro section giving a context of the whole game. Couldn't implement that on time. Second thing we'll add to the postjam version. :)


Love the art style and the concept! The dialog complexity is really good, if I had to nitpick one issue it'd be that it was hard to tell if the responses had random effects or if there was a "right" choice to pick if that makes sense


Makes perfect sense. That was the first thing that came to my mind after the deadline. The game has a system but it's not perfectly translated you the player and thus feels a bit random. I would put markers giving you the amount of damage you dealt or negated on each turn if we make a second build. Thanks for feedback. 


OMG The art style is gorgeous and the concept really fun. Great job overall!


This is funny AF. If the mechanics can be tweaked further it could become something really compelling. Also my god the graphics are so nice. :)

Great art style and idea! Nice to see another Godot project in this jam :)


A funny idea!  I enjoy the artwork and being able to decide who won the argument


Great art style and idea! Nice to see another Godot project in this jam :)

Great writing and great artstyle. One of my favs!


Funny, cool concept. I'm impressed by the sheer ammount of dialog in this game. The graphics and animations are on point. Great job!

I laughed out loud at "I wasted my life not pursuing my dream of being a successful indie dev".  Five stars for that alone.


At first it felt too random, then I realized that is the damage is depending on the mood and the responce. Then it became a lovely little puzzle to figure out the best response. Nice concept.


Hey, glad that you got the idea : ) I'm a little worried that people aren't getting the damage system

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