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Hey Nice little game, I can see the potential in a  game like this for mobile, albeit a bit more focused.

What I am trying to say is that I find it in the middle of an open world platformer which would probably need more features, and the opposite, a more streamlined experience based on the jumping precission.

Some technical feedback:
- I would have enjoyed it a lot more without glitches too, but that's normal in a jam :)

- Also consider billboarding the floating messages as the camera isn't that comfortable.

- The visual feedback on the jump charge (pink) continues and keeps shrinking while jumping.

Overall nice game, good job!

Very nice for a first game jam, congratulations!

Personally I find that parry needs more visual feedback to be useful, as it is the most important feature of the game I would polish that the most

I would try increasing the size of both visual queues and trying to synchronize them with progresive audio queues.

Overall nice little game. pew pew!

Very cool idea, I liked the concept a lot, probably better with joystick tho.

The only fundamental think I'd consider changing would be the camera, it is a bit late for the car to be safe while you take time to think what to do.

Other than that I liked the mechanic, Great job!

Surface feeling: Totally unaccesible.
After frustration and lots of work, saw its inner potential.

Noticed x2 things:

- Song reseted out of tempo and you reseted tempo --> Felt weird
- I failed because the sound changed, felt like a bug.

Game design feedback:

I love the idea, i see this shaping as a full game, with the right work done.
- You need to teach the player how to play, there's beauty in how you use music to deliver information, finish the work establishing a languaje outside of the rulebook. If you achieve this you can have an awesome adventure music and narrative game.

Hey is it not available for windows?

I might expand on it if I feel it has actual potential

Ok about the game design:

1. Feedback as discused: I am not sure when I am using something that can substract HP.

2. It may be a bit sexist, but I don't mind too much about that as there are all kinds of couples.

3. Also I see it lacks a bit of context, it is weird to start a converstation insulting with no apparent reason. Maybe it'is not important from the core game mechanic but I think it's worth mentioning.

In general, I think it is really gorgeous to the eye and the mood is definetly portrays a poisonus couple arguing ruthlessly, which is an execution to appreciate. Other tnan that, not sure how it could evolve, maybe I didnt understand the mechanical value of it.

Overall I liked it a lot hehe ^^ congrats on a nice entry

Yep, the lack of time had me chose but I am glad the idea got through among the repetitiveness nevertheless.

Thanks for the kind words!

"The squid" tho? oh my gad, it's supposed to be a shark  haha

I agree it is teious and It needs either longer steps, distracted rhino or more sound queues. 

Thanks fo the feedback!

Thanks for the hype on the mechanic. This feedback cheered me up a lot haha thanks

Thanks a lot for the kind words!

I  am really glad you got to enjoy the atmosphere.

And yep, I agree with the current repetitiveness, if it a lot of people really believe in this I might make a longer version of it with several sound resources, maybe 2D movement.

Thanks! if you keep telling me such kind things I will end up making a longer version :P

Super cool game! I see this in iOS with a good battery of levels.

Brilliant. I love how elegant the map progression combo was. 5/5.

Super cool! Specially for a first timer

Loved how it was not only inspired but well executed. Congrats!!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Yep, certainly understand what you mean. I want to add more content and timing variation when I find the moment.
The short replay is actually  a great idea!

Super Clever Entry!

The switching mechanics is interesting and it is really clever to make it play just like a flipper albeit without the flippers. 

Art and sound add for a cool mood too.

Great job!

I got really addicted to the fishing!! haha nicely packed.

I only regret not having a better PC because the FPS was really bad even in fastest, but even given that paradigm I actually enjoyed myself a lot, felt like playing skyrim or so, albeit under water and versus fish.

Great job!! :D


Yes it is certainly ruthless haha

Thanks a lot for the kind word @NicMagnier

I was planning on adding several audio queues, and also a bigger scenario, but ran out out time (I was somewhat busy this weekend)
I want to add a thunder and a Rhino phone call (to also add more to the narrative of the character)

Glad you liked it!

Thanks! well the gameplay isn't wacky or exciting but I wanted it to feel oppresive. Maybe you expected a more frenetic game.

Font is called fixedsys and it is built in with gamemaker!

Thank you for the feedback.

We both made a One Room Hotel ! X)

Hi Gracen,

I am so glad you liked it!

Did you manage to finish it?

Of course I would love to help you with anything I can. :)