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STEALTH-LESS: Noisy infiltrationView game page

Press "D" to escape! But beware the partially blind guard, he's definetly not deaf!
Submitted by ManuScythe — 2 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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As Mark would say..... Intriguing... I liked it... I agree with Smaxx about the visual aspect... Keep it up...


I like the generic idea, but right now it feels a bit too tiring, waiting for that specific solution to happen, etc. It could definitely work as some kind of "one trick pony" with multiple screens, each having its own unique mechanic or approach. One more thing (graphical) design wise: I would consider it better for pixel sizes to be uniform. Go with the classic 70's look. But don't mix in higher resolution text. I could even imagine this with more simple 8-bit style sound effects (although this might be tricky to get it right).

Submitted (1 edit)

It took me quite a while to reach freedom forest Having more distractions other than the ... "fish" (I guess) would have been nice. But the soundscape is really making up for a lot. Its nice to play even without any visuals, just focusing on the sound.

is weird though, that the recommended mode is not even available


Nice art style and game concept! I Like how the player needs to mask his movements with other sounds! I think that the implementation of  new sounds / challenges can make this a really nice challenging game! Good Job!


Interesting and starkly minimal but with an excellent air of tension.  Great job!


The artstyle is clean and consistent. I like the idle animations you added too. Adds a bit of life to the game.

I really like the idea behind the game (masking movement with other sounds)! It does get a bit repetetive. I think the number of times I had to wait for the octopus thing was close to 40 or so. Thats a lot of just wait press wait press, etc.

I think if you made other things make noise, and made it more....puzzly, it might be a bit more interesting.

Cheers on a cool concept, and pressty decent execution for only 48 hours.


Interesting, took me a little while to figure out what to do but definitely has potential, loving the art style as well. Should become a lot more interesting with a few more mechanics or features as long as they are clearly telegraphed to the player


Fun concept, I can really see the potential to expand in future levels, with new noises you make and ways to hide them.

Very good atmosphere and graphics fit with the style of the game nicely.

The aesthetics on the menu are done very well.

It's unfair to make this comment on a 48 hour project but the first thing that came into my head was the restarting after you die is waaay too long for a beginner who fails all the time.  I't's not really my type of game so I can't get through more than a few steps making the fail screen super frustrating. I think even a ridiculously hard game needs a little newbie level so it is hard not punishing.

I would have said 4.5 stars but that is not an option so I will be generous.

Please play rate and review my game at


Cool concept with the sound puzzle. Has potential to turn into something better if more puzzles are added. Right now it's kind of short. But I like the minimal style and the ambient music.


Neat concept, but I agree that more variety and/or less repetition would improve it. The overall atmosphere, though, was well put together - would love to see more! :)


Interesting idea! Wished there were more sounds to hide your movement noise.


I might expand on it if I feel it has actual potential


Cool concept!  However, I felt the game-play was too repetitive and linear.


Yep, the lack of time had me chose but I am glad the idea got through among the repetitiveness nevertheless.


 its a fun idea, having to mask the sounds of your ball and chain behind the squid, but I found it a little tedious to have to wait a couple seconds to step once, and especially since the guard is super sensitive, resetting just means more waiting.


Thanks for the kind words!

"The squid" tho? oh my gad, it's supposed to be a shark  haha

I agree it is teious and It needs either longer steps, distracted rhino or more sound queues. 

Thanks fo the feedback!


This core mechanic could be something big, tbh. Right now it's a bit repetitive because there's only one scenario but given more time this could evolve into a whole new meaning to the stealth genre!


Thanks for the hype on the mechanic. This feedback cheered me up a lot haha thanks

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This concept has so much potential, the fact that any mistake may cost you the game makes it really tense and fun. Also the art and music really adds up to the oppressive atmosphere.

Unfortunately, due to the current lack of content, as others already said it gets a bit repetitive after a while, but that's understandable due to the very short timeframe. 


Thanks a lot for the kind words!

I  am really glad you got to enjoy the atmosphere.

And yep, I agree with the current repetitiveness, if it a lot of people really believe in this I might make a longer version of it with several sound resources, maybe 2D movement.


It's a bit repetitive and tedious, but I love the concept and feel like if properly expanded upon, you could have an interesting game on your hands here. Keep at it!


Thanks! if you keep telling me such kind things I will end up making a longer version :P


I enjoyed the art style and the music was atmospheric. It did take me a while it understand how the game worked and the premise was interesting but a little too hard and repetitive. Also it should restart immediately if you fail instead of returning you to the menu.


Thanks for the feedback! 

Yep, certainly understand what you mean. I want to add more content and timing variation when I find the moment.
The short replay is actually  a great idea!


The art style and animation give a really good vibe to the game.

The game is hard and slow but that adds a lot of tension. It is too bad it is too repetitive, I always use the same sound cue to advance.

But I finished even if the difficult is really high which mean I enjoyed it!

Well done!


Thanks a lot for the kind word @NicMagnier

I was planning on adding several audio queues, and also a bigger scenario, but ran out out time (I was somewhat busy this weekend)
I want to add a thunder and a Rhino phone call (to also add more to the narrative of the character)

Glad you liked it!


Great game you produced. Like the soundtrack on the game. Really annoying when you fail, but what did you expect when it's on really hard :) 



Yes it is certainly ruthless haha


sprite-work is great but the game play isn't really there. quick question what font did you use for your text? that font would have been perfect for my game


Thanks! well the gameplay isn't wacky or exciting but I wanted it to feel oppresive. Maybe you expected a more frenetic game.

Font is called fixedsys and it is built in with gamemaker!

Thank you for the feedback.