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A Space Shooter without shooting
Submitted by Nekro — 5 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Simple, to the point, effective. Very little on the innovative side - but you're probably the best example in this entire jam of "Keep It Simple, Stupid" and of excellent, pitch-perfect scope.

In keeping with the "Simple, fun, addicting" thing you're going there, maybe some study of arcade games such as Asteroids is required - what made people keep playing them? There's a social aspect to it - leaderboards! Online or no, it'd have been that extra plus your game needs to be - honestly? Almost perfect.

I do have severe issues with the debris being almost the exact same shape, colour and opacity (being only slightly more opaque) than actual asteroids. There's something to be said about simplicity, but that's the downside - lack of clarity. I'd have suggested making the debris slightly bigger circles - so you have two circles (stars and debris - background noise), a square (asteroids - objective and/or enemy) and a triangle (ship - the player/you).

Great job!


Fun and addicting!  I had a blast :)  Perhaps if the game had more enemies or some sort of threat it would spice things up just enough.  Good job!


Good concept. Smashing asteroids has a great feel to it. A game over screen could also be a good addition. All in all a great game.


Nice and simple (just like asteroids). I like the reverse idea. It's a little on the easy side, though. Didn't had much challenge and never died during my playthrough. 

I'd suggest making the "fuel getting" harder. For example, not every crash gives you fuel. When you break a big square it explodes into little ones, but among them could be let's say green squares which are the "fuel" ones you need to break. And it will be good if you have a difficulty curve so the gameplay doesn't get repetitive. 


I like the idea of actually having to collect the pieces of asteroids to refuel, I was going to implement it but ran out of time so might add that after the fact. RE: difficulty, I kind of made the chain multiplier for those that wanted a more difficult experience but didn't exactly signpost it (I like to leave full game mechanics as easter eggs sometimes haha) so you are right.


Very fun subversion of asteroids!
I like how it's momentum based, that's a shame you didn't roll with it further. It would feel amazing if you needed to dash through enemies by clicking right before the collision, which would give you bonus fuel and momentum. The fact that you stop abruptly everytime you hit something is a little disappointing.
Also, while the original asteroids thrived in simplicity, this game not having even splitting obstacles feels a little too simple.
Still, a very nice job :)


Nice design for the theme.


Nice game, would have been better if you had something that could kill you. Then you'd be forced into running away from things occasionally.

Fits the theme perfectly!


Hmm that's an interesting idea, I'll think about it if I decide to take it further (though I worry that it'd detract from the chaotic smashy fun haha)


I like how the game still works this good even after basically reversing the objective!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Classic game but with a great twist! Great Job!


Thank you!