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Thank you for the feedback! That is actually a game I made in 2 days for the first "Mix and Game Jam", I agree that It is not very polished as It is.

May I ask you How tou found this page? It's curious how people are still finding this game after all this time since I made it :)

Amazing! I'm impressed with the level design in this one. Pixel art, vfx, sfx all great! Really polished experience!

Just one thing bothered me: Most of the times I tried to grab the ceiling the second time (after quickly releasing X and pressing it again) it just didn’t work. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong. If this is a bug (and not just me being a bad player) fixing it would make the game perfect.


Glad you like it :D 

The score is the number of juice particles drinked minus the fruits dropped (you lose 50 points each time). 

 A friend played 4 times before starting to get bigger than zero scores (the first > 0 was literally 1 lol).

Thanks for sharing feedback!

Glad you like It!

I try to get the 3d fruit with the blender in the upper half of the screen so when I catch it I only need to rotate, the moving parte is already done. It's riskier because you have less time to move it in the direction of the fruit but gives you time to pour all the juice and get back to catching position before another one drops.

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Don't worry! I think I tried holding the left mouse button to drag the plates to the sink, before realising I just needed to click to select them.

thank you for the feedback!

Using a gamepad, the rotation has different speeds according to how much you push the analog.

But maybe a little acceleration would be a better solution, thanks again!

That’s pretty good! Thanks for sharing :D

Really polished and fun! Godot, Bfxr and Aseprite, the perfect trio! :D

Got 245! The really high jump makes you think carefully before pressing space, because it takes a long time to reach the floor and jump again, I liked that!

It’s definitely a tricky one! What is your highscore? :D

I’m glad you had a good time playing it! Thanks for the feedback :)

I love this game on the GBA! Thanks :D

Nice! What is your highscore? :D

Great experience! The dialogue is just so well written. One of the best games I’ve played in a game jam, really impressive.

Just one thing: I encountered a bug when trying to grab the knife, just couldn’t interact with it. Had to restart the game to make it work. The second time it worked fine. The ending is amazing btw.


WOW! That's awesome!! I love voxel art! Thank you man, this is really great! :D

Just uploaded an improved version :D

thanks again, great to read some feedback before the deadline

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Very glad you enjoyed it :D

There are 4 different fruit types, you only got grapes? That's strange.

I think I still have time to improve that cup mechanic before the jam ends, thanks for the feedback!

left/right: move

up: jump (you can wall-jump too)

space: shoot


left/right: steer

Thank you! I love your channel!

which platform are you using?

Sorry to hear that, which platform are you using?

Was the game crashing in a specific part?

Following :)

This is so good! Well polished, beautiful and so much fun! Really loved the music as well! 

It’s the kind of game that inspires everyone to keep improving their game dev skills!

Great job! Looking forward to updates, you should definitely release a full version of this game!

That was really fun, simple mechanic but plays very well and really captured the jam idea. Wish there were more elements like combos and stuff like that!

Great entry!

Great presentation and fun idea, a lot of possibilities for puzzles and could be a great mobile game I think.

But as some people are saying there’s a bug where the car gets stuck and unfortunately that happened a lot to me :/

We have a similar idea! 

I really like the time scale effects, how the game slows down a little when you manage to olé a bull. I just thought that would give me some extra points in the end. Maybe adding a combo system would improve the experience!

My record was 26 seconds by the way :)

That might be a bug! Which platform are you using? I only had the chance to try it on windows

Great!! Not everyone's managing to beat it. I guess the difficulty curve spikes too quickly.

You really should be proud! :D

Thank you so much for helping! I didn't have the chance to test it on a Mac! 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Got to work on the difficult curve in this one! Thanks for sharing feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! The mouse is used to move the boomerang. You throw it with left mouse click (if you hold it for a while it's thrown faster).


Really nice sound effects and atmosphere, the writting is pretty good too. Just felt the ending a little rushed. But great experience overall!

Another Godot entry! That's awesome!

Loved the slow down mechanic, did you use Engine.time_scale to do it as well? And Line2d for the ball trail as well? Our games have a lot of similarities :)

I couldn't beat it, Level 12 was to hard for me D:

Great use of theme!

Sometimes I tried to jump and the button didn't work. I think it needs a better ground detection.

But great game overall, simple and fun narrative!

I got stuck in level 7, but man what a great game! Very well executed for a 48h jam, I gave it 5 stars for Creative use of theme! Good Luck my friend!

Great Sound and Art (really good)!

The car turning around felt a little weird a few times, I think it needs to be smoother.

Keep up the good work! The game deserves to be continued! :)

Thanks!! :)

I really like making very challenging games, my friends joke that I just don't know how to make easy ones

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I agree with you! I got used to the bullet control and forgot that new players would have to learn how it works as well.

I think the game needs more (easier) levels to introduce the bullet mechanic.