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This one is so great! I love the aesthetics and character design! I'd love to see this as a fleshed out game after the jam.  It just needs more; more enemies, power ups, a story, etc

One of the best games this jam! TNT level was annoying though

I can't get past the third level. Fun,  but hard as fuck. i hope this ends up in the "best of" video

That was really great! I got so invested in that little story. I felt bad for Wall but I was also so curious as to what would happen. Hopefully there's nothing past when Wall leaves because that's when I quit.

Amazing! I need more of this.  I'd pay for a full game of this

Is there only one level?

Great idea! I think it does need upgrades though, because I felt like there was no reason to go to the rooms if you're just getting more rooms!

Really good! Great fum, reminds of the Dummy bossfight from Undertale