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Awesome! I saved it on my favorites. This game is simply perfect. I loved every single stage of it. Thank you so much for this!

I couldn't play it... I have no idea why. I click Run Game, the music begins, but the game never does ;-;

This game is awesome! The hitbox on those spikes is incredibly frustrating, though. I have spent a good hour playing it, and couldn't get past the spikes on the green platforms. Still had a lot of fun with the concept!

Nice game! A bit annoying, tho, because sometimes I want the bird to go when seeing wood, but sometimes I want him to fly. Would be nice if you could make a difference between the floor and the wood in the background! Also, would be nice if the bird waited for feedback before moving, and you could choose not to give any by pressing a different button. Would make the game way less frustrating!