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Great concept and subverts those genres very well. Overall entry could have been improved in the following aspects more to make the design more clear:

  • some kind of sounds for feedback reasons
  • clearer feedback what hurts the player
  • statement of a definite goal in the game
  • maybe some scoring to see how well you're doing

Good concept, could be better executed, but good and fitting game jam entry overall.

Got to the 5th level and you weren't exaggerating regarding the difficulty! I do like the "slow down time" mechanic, however, I don't think this entry fully fits the theme of this game jam. You still do dodge the bullets in this game which doesn't make it that different to regular bullet hell games.

Overall, still a fun little game.

Great entry! Really good balance between risk and reward and fits the theme of the game jam very well. Brutally hard in the later levels, but still a lot of fun.

Fantastic entry, creative and just plain fun! The level with the springs was a bit buggy, but otherwise one of the best entries I've tried so far.

I would play a full coop game built on this concept :)

Very well made, great concept, but really hard 3rd level. Overall I love this mechanic and this entry really impressed me.

Wow, very polished entry! It is fun and challenging. One of the better entries I've tried so far. Great job!

Fun game, surprising plot and overall great entry! The goals at 75 bullets and 350 bullets really encourage you to play better and more efficiently.

Great concept and reversal of the typical "avoid stuff/endless runner" genre! It's quite fun. Personally I'd have liked to see a bit more vertical play space.

Great idea and fun to play! Really good entry

Interesting concept and reminds me of QWOP! Funny gameplay, but a bit buggy.

Fun little game, I could imagine myself playing a more fleshed out version of this game which would work similarly like other "Managers" game (e.g. Football Manager), with more in-depth mechanics. UI is a bit cumbersome, but otherwise solid entry.

Nice concept! A bit difficult to deliberately avoid bullets, so I'd tone that down a bit.

Nice, simple visuals. RPGs without or with minimal grinding does fit the theme, however, commercial  games with a similar theme have been published in the past (e.g. Half-Minute Hero). Overall this could turn into a fun game if more skill would be involved.

Interesting concept! Fits the theme of the game jam well

Hey, I'm Alex, VR enthusiast and dabbling in Unity to learn a little bit of programming and game development in general. I've been a beta tester for a few unreleased games and usually try to give detailed feedback to those games (or even Early Access titles). I'm also a fan of Chrysalis Pyramid and have been wondering when somebody is going to expand on that very nice concept :) A pretty good game to show-off roomscale VR gaming. I would love to test Eye of the Temple as well if a spot is open.