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Early Testers Welcome Thread - introduce yourself Sticky

A topic by runevision created 239 days ago Views: 1,026 Replies: 42
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Developer (Edited 15 times)

Welcome, and thanks for the interest in Eye of the Temple!

Eye of the Temple is a VR game for HTC Vive. Click here to learn more about the game:

If you have a Vive and want to provide feedback on early builds of Eye of the Temple, this is the right place!

You'll need a special download link to play the game. Here's how to get that.

Please start out by replying here to say hi and maybe write a few words about yourself if you like (you don't have to).

  • Note: Unfortunately itch.io doesn't have private message support, so in your reply please include your reddit handle, twitter handle (if you allow twitter private messages) or your email address, so I can send a download key to you privately.

When I need to expand the amount of early testers for the game, I'll be taking people in from this thread a few at a time.

  • Current status: 13 people given access, looking to increase to 15.


  • You have a Vive (or have access to a Vive) so that you can test the game.
  • You're committed to do your best providing feedback on new builds.
  • This should go without saying, but: You do not share or redistribute the builds.

You're most welcome to talk about the game to help spread awareness of it if you want!

Once you get a download key, that will give access to newest builds at any time. When you have tried out a build, use the corresponding thread to provide feedback - see the list of forums threads.

Let's try together to make this a good and positive place for discussions. :)

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Let me start myself - I'm Rune and I'm developing Eye of the Temple. I've made various small games before (some of them available here on itch.io), but this will be my first commercial title (if all goes well!).

Besides this indie adventure, I'm also working at Unity Technologies as a programmer. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hello! I'm Andreas and I was a small part of the gamejam team that made a prototype with this concept after Rune's vision! It's nice to see this being expanded :) I'm a mobile and web developer in Sweden, not really game related, but one can dream right? I do love me some VR on a semi-daily basis. I believe I am already a tester so I have that going for me! :D Cheers!


Hi there! I'm Rev, an avid gamer who's newly into VR, specifically the Vive. I make Youtube videos in my spare time (which I never seem to have very much of) and work a boring 9-5 office job to pay the bills. Looking forward to testing out Eye of the Temple, just wish I had the TPCast already as I seem to like wrapping myself up in the Vive cord :-|

I can imagine you going "this whip game is so realistic! I feel like i'm holding a real one!" as you're grabbing the Vive cable. :D


Hey, I'm Bassem a.k.a. u/Kuroyama on reddit. Aspiring gamemaker :D. I like testing VR games as a way to learn about VR game design. I've already tested around eight VR games for developers. Been imagining making a whip in VR so I'm glad and interested to see Eye of the Temple.


Welcome Bassem! I did work on a whip as a mechanic but put it on hold for now so it's not in the game currently, just FYI. There may be an opportunity to try that one at a later time though.


hi, I'm Jaysin. I've been apart of a few beta testing vr games and have always provided feed back. I also make vr Let's play videos on YouTube in my spare time. I am also currently partnering with some people to open a vr arcade in my city and we should be opening the doors in February


Hi, I'm Jonathan/Wowfunhappy. I really like platformers in generally and loved Chrysalis Pyramid. I have a much larger than average 4x3 play area, if that's something you're interested in testing. I also do a lot of QA testing professionally (although not on games), so I'm pretty good at reproducing/reporting problems.

Hey, I'm Alex, VR enthusiast and dabbling in Unity to learn a little bit of programming and game development in general. I've been a beta tester for a few unreleased games and usually try to give detailed feedback to those games (or even Early Access titles). I'm also a fan of Chrysalis Pyramid and have been wondering when somebody is going to expand on that very nice concept :) A pretty good game to show-off roomscale VR gaming. I would love to test Eye of the Temple as well if a spot is open.


Welcome Alex! Unfortunately itch.io doens't have private message support, so could you reply with your handle on reddit, twitter (if you allow twitter private messages) or email so I can send a key to you? (I found the others via their reddit usernames if you're wondering why only you got this reply.)


Hi, I'm Scott from Bristol, UK.

Always interested in trying new Vive experiences, always keen to feedback my thoughts (good and bad). Loved Chrysalis Pyramid so think this will be up my street. As someone who doesn't like heights I'm always after something to make me feel a bit wobbly and help along that path (see Richie's plank experience which I did alpha feedback on for an example!)

Hit me up if you want my feedback. Cheers mate!


Welcome Scott! Unfortunately itch.io doens't have private message support, so could you reply with your handle on reddit, twitter (if you allow twitter private messages) or email so I can send a key to you?

hiya. It's supermanscottbristol on reddit.

Cheers mate!


Hi. I'm andybak on Steam and Reddit. I'd be interested in trying out anything with an original twist.

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Hey-o Rune. I'm Kris -- KDLGates on Reddit, KDLGates on Twitter, kdlgates@kdlgates.com (sense a pattern?).

I love my Vive. Most especially I'm into first-person action shooters. I consider Doom BFG the "killer app," closely followed by Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Quell 4D.

As it relates to your title, I also dearly love platformers, most especially first-person platformers (uncommon creatures such as they are).

It might sound odd, but I love trackpad roomscale locomotion in VR. There aren't enough examples of it, and I'm truly interested to see just how feasible a first-person platformer might actually be. It sounds extremely love-it-or-hate-it, and I'm incredibly interested in Eye of the Temple based on this curiosity alone.

Oh, and I love giving feedback, so there's that.

Here's hoping.


Hey I'm u/fixkey on reddit. Chrysalis Pyramid is one of my favorites room scale games at the moment and it was the first game where I felt height in VR(last platform). I'm a VR enthusiast with too much free time so I would be very happy to provide feedback. Thanks!


Hello, my name is Yahya and I'm a gamer. I played your previous project Chrysalis Pyramid and I loved the movement system in that game, It didn't use any of those other techniques like teleportation and keep me immersed the whole time. I would love to playtest the latest project and help you improve Eye of the Temple.

email: sorayahya@gmail.com


Hi Yahya, thanks for the interest! When the next build is ready (should be within a few weeks hopefully) I'll get you a download key.


Your mailbox seems to be full so the email delivery failed. I'll be happy to resend; just let me know.

Oh I see, try my other email: sorayahya@Hotmail.com

Thanks :)


New build February 20: https://itch.io/t/63327/new-build-february-20-gems

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hey Rune! Thanks for a cool demo (chrysalis)! I'm an aspiring game developer who has tinkered with VR in unity/unreal and love trying new experiences. I enjoyed Chrysalis Pyramid! I have feedback for that and would love to try more! In Chrysalis, you have obstacles to avoid and on occasion two things were annoying: my chaperone bounds distracting me (necessary though) and not knowing if I was close enough to get bumped off a platform. My suggestion for the latter would be a warning or alert using a visual cue like coloring the platform red or lighting an area near where the player might collide to inform player they are too close. I'd love to test for your Eye of Temple. leafboatstudios@gmail.com


heloooo. im lucas from Australia , im a gamer and i really liked chrysalis pyramid, i find this sort of movement system the most immersive and the only other game i have played like it was unseen diplomacy. id love to try it out and give feedback. my email is lucaslucas89@hotmail.com

thanks, :)


Hello there!

Looked this up after really enjoying Chrysalis Piramid :) Would love to help you test the game out and provide feedback.Username on reddit is same as here :)


Hi there! I'm always excited to try out unique VR experiences and Eye of the Temple looks very promising. If you are still looking for testers I would be happy to give you feedback. I enjoyed Chrysalis Pyramid by the way, it's great to see someone experimenting with platforming in VR. I'm @thetrakynia on Twitter if you want to get in touch. Good luck with the project!


New build April 2: https://itch.io/t/70586/new-build-april-2


Hi! I'm very interested in testing your game. I've had my Vive for about a year now. While I think teleportation systems have their place, I'm very interested in the locomotion systems that you are including in your game. E-mail: frank.a.leone@gmail.com


New build April 21: https://itch.io/t/74094/new-build-april-21

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Hi! I've had my vive for about a year and I saw your whip mechanics video on reddit and I NEED to try this game!!!! It looks so cool!! When can I buy it!?! 

PS reddit username is starwarscats 


Hi Starwarscat, thanks for the interest! There is no build to try out at the moment; I'm still working on the next one that includes the whip. It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.


Thanks! I will I'd be happy to try it out and provide feedback.

Hello, I'm an architect and sometimes carpenter based in Sweden doing VR development as a side project. Mostly for fun, but sometimes for clients. My most played Vive game is Holopoint, love the flow you can get into in that game. Became interested in Eye of the Temple when I saw a video about the whip mechanics on Reddit, sounds like a great idea for a VR weapon. Looking forward to trying a build if you need testers. Email: erik.hedvall@gmail.com.


Hi Erik, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi, just finding out about this now! I think Eye of the Temple looks awesome and I would love to help test. I have experience testing several other VR titles for the Vive. I can be contacted at william.l.fletcher@gmail.com.


Hi William, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hello, I've played your Chrysalis Pyramid as well as many other free "Vive" games with the Oculus Rift. If you ever want Rift owner to test the game, I would be glad to help.



Hi Jay, thanks for the interest!

I haven't tested myself with Oculus at all and can't guarantee things will work, but if you're ok with that, I'll gladly accept the offer. I assume you have Oculus Touch?

Did the 2.2 by 2.2 meter play area requirement work ok for you with Oculus for Chrysalis Pyramid?

It might be a little while, but when the next build is ready I'll get you a download key.

I do have the touch with only a 2 sensor 360 tracking.

In Chrysalis Pyramid I did get against my bounds as my space is smaller at about 1.7 or .8 by 2 meters, but played just fine.

Here is an image of my play space at the start

(Edited 1 time)

Hello! I am a gamer who recently purchased the Vive in summer. I've played it every day since, and i'm really excited for the future of VR. One of the main problems of VR is physics, and your video showed amazing rope physics. Even in Valve's "The Lab" they couldn't get the physics quite right on the in game vr headset cable, so this is why I want to test. I'm not only interested in that part of the game though, the  dodging giant rocks on moving platforms while basically being Indiana Jones is also extremely cool, of course!

Contact: jmstude12@gmail.com


Hi Tlarlock, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi there, I'm Gerad! (Or G-Dub for short)

I just played Chrysalis Pyramid on my HTC Vive and it was a ton of fun! I even put a recording of it on my youTube channel:(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3opr5YDDLc2BW3xXIfpDAA)

I would love to try out the Eye of the Temple! I'm a VR enthusiast, tried 100's of experiences and I haven't seen a fun platform mechanic like this. Excited to see where you take it with Eye of the Temple!

Twitter: @GeradSimon
Reddit: @geradraz


Hi Gerad, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.