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Good find! To be honest I haven't tested a lot with multiple player characters so am not too surprised. You say you discovered this by looking through the code. What specifically tipped you off?

Hi. I'll need some way to contact you privately since doesn't support private messages.

New build available April 21. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

The new builds features pots at various places throughout the temple. Tap them lightly to tease out a few gems at a time, or break them to release them all at once. Not all pots are within reach, so you'll need to use the whip either way.


  • Play area of 2 by 2 meters needed.
  • Two controllers are needed (for torch and a whip).


Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

Hi. I'm not looking for more testers right now, but leave a message in the thread then you'll be next in line when I'm looking for more.

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Eye of the Temple recently got a Steam page. It also now has a Discord server (text chat channels).

I'm transitioning the pre-release testers/community communications from itch (with itch keys) to Discord (with Steam keys).

The reasons are:

  • Only few people have stayed active in the forum here.
  • Adding new people to the pool of testers is annoyingly difficult on itch.
  • Discord has a very positive reputation among other game developers and is highly customizable in how it can be setup.
  • Discord has something as basic as private messages (lacking here on itch).
  • Steam automatically fetches new builds, which means it's easier for people to try out new builds. Itch only does that if people use the itch client, which few do.

I don't want any existing testers here feeling left behind, so if you are part of the testing program, just do this to get a testing-access Steam key:

  • Find your itch download key link for Eye of the Temple.
    • You can get it by logging into itch, and go to the game's page and click the Download button near the top. The URL of the page you land on is your download key link.
  • Join the Discord.
  • Send me a private message on Discord with your itch download key link, so I know you were one of the testers.
  • I'll send you a testing-access Steam key in return.

I hope to see you on the other side!

I can see how that could be useful sometimes. I'll see what I can do!

Thanks for the suggestion! I agree it feels a bit tame when it just clips through. I'm not sure I have the resources to do much about it but I'll keep it in mind!

Thanks for trying it out!

I think the whip could be improved slightly, with maybe using the trigger to do a ‘whip back’ which could be used to grab levers better, and also a whip back at the right time to hit enemies harder.

Hmm. It's kind of a design decision to keep the whip "pure" in that it doesn't move "on its own" based on buttons/controls but 100% based on hand movement only. It's part of the dedication to immersion in the game. As a result, it's probably the element in the game with most skill involved too, for better or worse. You can usually grab levers in the first try with the right technique, but it can require some practice to get to that point. I appreciate the input but I think I'll keep this one as it is. :)

I find myself looking at my feet a lot, so maybe use things up higher to force your eyesight upward.

Yes, indeed, I agree! There's a few things already, but I'm always considering more ways to create variation in where to look. The obstacles that come down from the ceiling is one thing to look out for. Gems that are sometimes above your head is another, but currently it's easy to just miss those, so I need to figure out a way to draw attention to them.

but you could almost do with a system that lets you manipulate the centre of your play area and downsize your overall area etc. Or rotate it maybe, something to cater for the variations in play space.  Big ask and probably not possible I know.
As you guessed, this is tricky. The game requires a square 2x2 meters, and SteamVR usually centers it from the beginning, so moving or rotating the area would rarely improve things much. Do you mean that you think you could fit the square better than SteamVR does it out of the box? Or that you'd move it around regularly while playing (that would probably be frustrating)? Or if you mean if I could make the game take up less space, that's unfortunately not possible with how it's designed.

Haha, nice! :) Did you get an impression of which tracks fits particularly well with which areas of the game? I can't use the Indiana Jones soundtrack itself, but it would be interesting to know in terms of developing the soundtrack for the parts of the game that doesn't have it yet.

Thanks for the update!

> I did finish it and got throught that new puzzle area pretty easily. It was a cool addition but didnt make me scratch my head at all.

That's fair! It isn't meant to be hard, but as designer it's always hard to predict in advance how it appears to other people. :)

> I really think you need to add more music to your game.

Yes, agreed! There is more music planned, but I'm waiting a bit with this until the level design overhaul is further along, so the musician and I have a better idea of what environments to create music for. Glad you like the existing music. :)

> I started on the speed run but didnt get very far. I think there sould be a timer or something to incicate your speed while playing that.

Thanks a lot for trying the speedrun! I can see I have some work making it clearer how it works. There should be a timer on the handle of the torch, but it may be a bit hard to see. I can work on making it clearer.

> Is the speed run any different than the regular game? I think the blocks were moving faster but Im not sure.

Ah. The speed increases if you are timing your steps well. This means that you step down on a new platform in the same moment as it lines up, which requires that you started taking the step a bit in advance. I wrote more details in the post about the speedrun mode here.

If you keep timing your steps well you can build up insanely crazy speed, but it's definitely not clear how to use the speedrun mode without that explanation. That's something I'll work on for sure.

Thanks for trying it out so far! If you're half-way you're probably yet to try the new small puzzle. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts on that as well.

> I found at the Indiana Jones part when I ducked, it didn’t even kill me when it fully comes down at some places.

Thanks for letting me know! Need to check if some bug snuck in after last time I tested this.

> Also I still think you need to either speed up the part after you beat the boss or give us something to do as you move over the temple. It’s excruciatingly slow and boring at that part.

Right, this is on my to-do list to do something about.

> I’ll finish it up later and possible try the speed run. Although thinking about it while I was playing, I don’t think this game needs a speed run. I like to take my time but that’s me. I’ll give it a try tho.

I'd say I agree it doesn't *need* it. It's more of an optional extra bonus. And the speedrun mode is a quite different experience. Less focus on a balanced experience and more on a crazy challenge. In the final game I'll probably only unlock it after completing the game normally. I'm curious to hear what you think if you do try it out. :)

That remains to be seen, but I'm aiming for the second half of this year.

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New build February 5, 2018: Forum Thread

Multiple new types of areas in the temple!

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New build available February 5. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

I've prepared a new build that includes some of the new areas I've been developing and integrates them into the temple. One area has focus on puzzle and another on action.

Apart from adding more variety to the gameplay, there's now also a better mixture of moving inside and outside the temple instead of only being outside in the beginning area. This begins to better represent the vision I have for the final game, although there is still much work to do.

New additions:

  • New Puzzle with a rotating structure.
    Head-scratcher or piece of cake to figure out?
  • New Action in a new type of rooms.
    I won't spoil what this room is but the 'Indy' is strong is this one. Do you find these rooms fun or frustrating?
  • New Environment such as a crenelation area on top of an outside wall.
    What do you think of this area?
  • A Bird that accompanies you in the beginning of the game.
    This is a bit subtle. Do you notice it? Do you see what the point is?
  • New look for scarabs that better indicate that they take damage when hit.
    Is it clear enough?


  • Play area of 2 by 2 meters needed.
  • Both Vive controllers are needed (for torch and a whip).


Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

I'd like to hear you thoughts on all the questions I wrote above under "new additions".

Also, a reminder that I have still gotten no feedback at all on the speedrun mode of the game, so if anyone dare try that one out, I'd much appreciate to hear about it. :)

Hi. I'm afraid I don't know where to start with regard to the issue you had first, but I'm happy to hear it works on your new PC!
About the puzzle related issues would it perhaps be possible for you to record videos of them so I can see the exact puzzle configuration that triggers it? Thanks!

Are you having the same issue with other applications or games made with Unity, or with any games in general - or only with PuzzleGraph?

I'm sorry to hear that. Are you using Windows, Mac or Linux? What version?

Thanks for trying it again Erik. Good to hear the sharpness option makes it a little better, though I do understand it's only a minor difference.

The game saves your progress so theoretically you might be able to play it at small increments at a time, but realistically with the degree of motion sickness you experience I imagine it's probably still not practical or comfortable enough.

All right, good to know. Most games designed for Vive probably won't be easily portable to this then.

Hi Erik, Thanks for trying it out!

While many people say they get little or no motion sickness with this game compared to many other games, some still do, and you're not the only one in that regard. It's very individual.

If you do give it another try, try to bring up the application menu (the one shown in the video) and bring the slider all the way to the left (Sharp) and see if that perhaps makes it a little bit better. I'm not sure it will, but it's worth a try if you're loading up the game again anyway. You could also try other slider values. I'd be very interested in hearing if it makes any difference for you.

The clients are REALLY wanting VR content. So content that supports VR and the device Vove ( ) is a must.

It doesn't look like this Fove device has tracked controllers (held in the hands)? So VR content that relies on such controllers (like Vive controllers, or Oculus Touch) won't be compatible with this VR demand?

By the way, you mentioned the oddity of the Vive controller triggers not being used. The reason is that people tend to frequently press the triggers involuntarily when swinging the whip. Same with the grip buttons. Apart from the application menu button, the trackpad seemed least likely to be pressed accidentally.

I noticed that it seemed to stick to the lever, like it was made out of sticky goop like those things you could get in a plastic egg from a vending machine at the grocery store when I was a kid.

Indeed. :) The whip doesn't have any animation and is fully simulated, so when it curls around the lever it's due to physics. I do have to slightly "help" it happen though, by making the lever sticky under certain conditions. It's meant to only happen when you don't notice it, but sometimes my heuristic fails and it looks a bit odd...

One thing that is a bit freaky is the roll-up :D It makes it feel like I'm actually holding a live snake or a huge worm! I kind of expected to find eyes on the whip if I took a closer look xD
Haha, right! :D I'm not exactly sure how I could design the roll-up in a way that doesn't have this issue.

Got time now for watching the video. Thanks a lot for playing and recording. Recorded video with talking out loud is the ideal way for me to fully understand the feedback (and is just enjoyable to watch too!).

Nice work on the follow-cam by the way, if I didn't say it already!

I'm pondering if showing a wire-frame floor grid could be a comfort option... ?

It's an interesting idea. If you could try the rollers without your floor center marker and let me know if that's worse or the same, it would help me to better know if it really does help or not.

I quite miss any sounds for the floating gem-inserters, I know this is WIP but figured I should just comment on it, as it sticks out.

Yep, it's on my todo-list. Fine to comment on it though, there's always the chance there's stuff I've overlooked.

The gems seem a bit weird after respawning though, I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them, or if they only spawn after I have reached where I died or something.

Yeah, there's definitely a bug there I need to investigate. Sorry about the confusion!

I would kind of expect for a gem to stay after I've once spawned it, with the whip it would be possible to pick them up from a slight distance which is impossible when they fade back out.
The gems disappear when you step off the platform that made them appear. The design reason is that there are some platforms that cross paths, and it doesn't feel nice and neat when you can collect (and get confused by) gems that "belong" to another platform and which mess up the simple gem trails. You can collect gems from a distance with the whip (as you noticed) as long as you don't step off the platform. All the uncollected gems you noticed "post-mortem" were mostly due to a bug and hopefully should not be as much of an issue once that is fixed.

Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback and suggestions!

I think the whip doesn't crack unless it hits something?

I know. :( I spent so long trying to make this work but ultimately didn't succeed yet. All the approaches I tried either made it too hard to create the crack, or made it happen too often at times that didn't seem correct. There are still a few more ideas I can try though.

Looking forward to it!

In the sunlight the glowy orbs were hard to see and some were hidden by some sort of bug with the water, in the dark they were easier to see  though. The gems themselves seemed fine to me.

All right, I'll think about making the orbs more visible in bright environments.

Also in the video I suggested some sort of small audio to know when you get on a new platform, that I think your pyramid game had (maybe add an option to enable/disable as well).

Right, I see what you mean. I opted not to have it to make the feel less arcadey and more immersive. I assume you'd like it to make it more clear whether the game registered you stepping onto a new platform or not?

If they had some sort of health then maybe have them glow and dim or start flashing as they lose health and near death.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll figure something out to make it more clear when they take damage and are low on health.

Thanks for trying it out, and for the feedback!

To try to get some extra discussion going, let me try to ask a blunt question:

What would you pay for the game (if anything) if it was released like it is now?

And what kind of improvements could make it worth 5$ more than that?

Right, I'll find a way to make damage more clear on the scarabs. Thanks for the suggestions!

Glad to hear you liked the whip!

The first switch didn't work so well for me.  It was close enough that I could almost knock it around with my rolled-up whip, so I tried to do that, but it ended up sticking to the lever and didn't really pull it.

Ah. I intended for the first one to be easy to just switch with the torch or rolled up whip, but it may be just a tad too far away. I don't know if I can move it closer (the level design is quite dictated by a grid like layout) but I'll at least try to make the rolled up whip better at "pushing" things instead of getting stuck.

At first I didn't know what to do with those flying scarab beetles and so it took me 2 tries to kill them.  I figured it out, though.

Do you have any thoughts on if there's anything that could make this encounter more interesting? Less confusing? Better?

Half-joking tiny criticism: I'm afraid of snakes, and the whip reminded me a little bit of a snake.  I'm not sure that's avoidable with a whip.  Anyway, if you get other users who are afraid of snakes, maybe they can confirm, but you should probably just ignore me.  It was playable; I just tried not to do the coil motion too much, 'cause it freaked me out a little.

Uh-oh, I'm not sure if I should tell you then I have an item on my todo-list to investigate creating a room where there's snakes on the floor. (You know, as a homage.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! The video is super helpful to see exactly what you're experiencing.

First launch had an error.
  Data Folder not found. There should be 'EyeOfTheTemple_WhipPuzzle_Data' folder next to the executable
Oops, my mistake, I uploaded a new zip file where this is fixed so others don't have to deal with it.
Using Oculus Touch, the whip was push down stick and menu button was B, so it worked fine. I suggest an option for switching hands since you can't swap which controller is held when it comes to the touch.

Good suggestion! I'll add that.

I'm happy (and a little surprised honestly) to hear that it just worked apart from that, when I never tested on the Rift. :) It seems like you have a solid 360 degree room scale tracking setup.

I saw in the video there was a moving platforms where the gems didn't materialize for you. That's weird and definitely not on purpose. I've made a note to investigate it.

It sounded like you wanted the glowy orbs that signify where the gems will appear to be more visible? Do the gems themselves need to be more visible too or are those okay?

You found a bug where the "danger" platforms can reset back to the beginning if you step off and on again at the end. Sorry about that, I'll get it fixed!

Feel free to make the video public if you like. Also, I lifted the restriction about not showing the game past a certain point, just FYI.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I get motion-sick pretty easy in VR (I usually use teleport locomotion) and I did have to stop playing after an hour or so. (...)  I did try both smooth and linear platform motion, I think I preferred smooth and would probably prefer smoother.

That's interesting; it goes against conventional wisdom for how to avoid motion thickness. I can try to increase the maximum smoothness value of the slider so you can try turning it further up in the next build.

I've seen other games obscure part of the FOV while in motion, maybe that would help.  Making more platforms where you walk directly off the front of the platform, rather than the side, would likely help.
Unfortunately the stepping off platforms to the side is quite important to be able to keep traversing and still stay within the play space, so I don't think I can change that. I tried reducing the FOV earlier in development and it felt weird to me, but I can give it another shot.
I may go back and try to finish the game later, but I don't think I'll be able to get farther than that--my head is spinning and need to go lay down for the rest of the evening!

The game saves your progress so I recommend playing in shorter sessions. :) If you keep it shorter, the feeling might not linger as much - let me know how it goes!

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Speedrun mode

For those of you who wanted more challenge in the game, there is a speedrun mode. This mode times your play-through but also speeds up the platform movements as long as you can keep up.

This mode is has a higher risk of being uncomfortable, causing motion sickness, and falling over, so engage on your own risk.

  • Each time you take a perfectly timed step onto a new platform, the game will speed things up a little bit. This means that you step down on a new platform in the same moment as it lines up, which requires that you started taking the step a bit in advance. If you did it right, you'll hear a little sound.
  • Each time you miss an opportunity to step onto a new platform, the game will slow things down a little bit. This will play a lower pitched sound. (This can occasionally happen through no fault of your own.)
  • When you die, the speed is reset, so it's recommended to keep to a speed you can handle in order to not lose momentum in your speedrun. You can avoid speeding thing further up by taking steps in a slightly slower way.
  • Your time so far is visible on the handle of your torch at any time. Your final time will be displayed when your play-through is complete.

I do not recommend this mode to people who haven't already played through the game at least once, so in the final game I'll probably only unlock the speedrun mode by completing the game.

How to use:

  • Start a new game the regular way.
  • Open the in-game menu using the application menu button above the touchpad on the controller.
  • Click the 'New Speedrun' button.

Let me know what you think of the speedrun mode (in case you try it out) and post your speedrun times here! Ideally as screenshots. :)

(1 edit)

It would be nice if we could keep feedback and discussion about the speedrun mode mostly in this thread. :)

Also, if you complete a speedrun, post your time here (ideally as a screenshot)!

It would be nice if we could keep feedback and discussion about the whip and related mechanics mostly in this thread. :)

New build October 23, 2017:

This includes the whip!

(2 edits)

New build available October 23. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

New additions:

  • The whip!
  • In-game menu where you can:
    • See how many gems you collected
    • Set platform movement smoothness
    • Set spectator camera mode
    • Start a speedrun
  • Various polish (water, nicer mountains in distance, better torch flame, ...)

See the video for more info!


  • Play area of 2.2 by 2.2 meters needed.
  • Unlike previous builds, both Vive controllers are needed now due to having both a torch and a whip.


Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

Whip feedback and discussion <- Let's keep this topic mostly in this thread.

Speedrun mode feedback and discussion <- Let's keep this topic mostly in this thread.

Anything else - just reply here!

Hi Gerad, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Tlarlock, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Jay, thanks for the interest!

I haven't tested myself with Oculus at all and can't guarantee things will work, but if you're ok with that, I'll gladly accept the offer. I assume you have Oculus Touch?

Did the 2.2 by 2.2 meter play area requirement work ok for you with Oculus for Chrysalis Pyramid?

It might be a little while, but when the next build is ready I'll get you a download key.