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Hi Gerad, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Tlarlock, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Jay, thanks for the interest!

I haven't tested myself with Oculus at all and can't guarantee things will work, but if you're ok with that, I'll gladly accept the offer. I assume you have Oculus Touch?

Did the 2.2 by 2.2 meter play area requirement work ok for you with Oculus for Chrysalis Pyramid?

It might be a little while, but when the next build is ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi William, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Erik, thanks for the interest!

I'm working on the next build that includes the whip.  It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.

Hi Starwarscat, thanks for the interest! There is no build to try out at the moment; I'm still working on the next one that includes the whip. It might be a little while, but when it's ready I'll get you a download key.


I tried using itch.io's new devlog feature. Here's an update on the work I've been doing with the whip. :)

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates.

I've been working on a larger new feature that I couldn't push out incrementally and is taking some time. The feature is a whip that will be used for both puzzle and action purposes. I made the first prototype of it a long time ago, but getting it properly integrated into the game in a big chunk of work.

There's some more info at my blog here: http://blog.runevision.com/2017/06/june-update-verticality-puzzles-whip.html

I'll soon post a new video showing some improvements in how the whip and levers look and feel. As for a new build, it will still be a little while before I have something that can be tested but let me say that I'm as eager as anyone to be able to share it with you!

Thanks for the patience.

It's interesting to compare this game with mine (Diversitizer). Both are endless landscapes.

Rogue Infinity is obviously much more polished than Diversitizer and has actual (if simple) gameplay. I also noticed Rogue Infinity doesn't "remember" the generated world. If you walk one way and then back, the place you came from isn't the same anymore. This can be good or bad depending on what you aim for. 

For me, the world changing behind my back makes it feel less real and more prone to break suspension of disbelief, so in Diversitizer I made places always remain the same by using random hash functions for everything random, which use world coordinates as input. Of course, a constantly changing world can help shake up the gameplay.

New build April 21: https://itch.io/t/74094/new-build-april-21

Created a new topic New Build April 21

New build available April 21. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

No major new features in this build, just some things that are a bit prettier and various fixes.

New additions:

  • Preliminary music.
  • Nicer model for key delivery platform and key.
  • Temple looks nicer from outside (big flat walls have been broken up).
  • Reduction of flashing white pixels (aka pixel sparkles)
  • Column mazes now have checkpoints at columns next to the "trigger column" to avoid being set as much back.

If you didn't already, also check out the features added in the April 2 build, like fire, swinging blades, speedrun mode and spectator camera!

Those features are also in the newest build of course, but you can read about them there. I didn't get much feedback about them yet.

Thanks for trying it out thetrakynia! Glad to hear you liked it overall. :)

I'm curious if you have any feedback on any of the new features in this build described above? For example, in case you ever stream or record videos, or just have other people watch along when you play VR, does the spectator mode seem like a feature you might use?

The leeway for not falling down is a tricky issue, since I can't reliably know where the player's feet are. The estimation that's used works well enough for stepping from platform to platform, but not well enough to know if the player is standing on air next to a platform, or standing on the platform and bending forward, looking down. So in order to not be unfair, I have to veer on the side of forgiveness. I'd say the challenge of the game is not mainly about not falling down from the platform on your own; it's more about the various challenges you have to dodge and duck. I hope that makes sense!

I agree the ride along the temple rooftop is a bit overly long; I'll think about what to do about that.

The bright pixels and the torch occasionally cutting out are known issues that I've unfortunately had a hard time with so far. The light cutting out is caused by Unity's occlusion culling system not working right in certain cases, and the bright pixels I have no idea, though I have one idea I want to try out.

Just an update to this suggestion:

I would also suggest giving it a more temple of doom feeling by adding in more dangers like swinging blades and shooting darts.

The new build has swinging blades (just a few in a challenge tunnel for now). Also some fire hazards.

Check it out: https://itch.io/t/70586/new-build-april-2

Just a follow-up to the suggestion of a hard mode.

The new build has a speedrun mode that can also be thought of as hard mode: https://itch.io/t/70586/new-build-april-2

If you give it a try, I'd love to hear what you think!

New build April 2: https://itch.io/t/70586/new-build-april-2

Created a new topic New Build April 2
(Edited 1 time)

New build available April 2. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

New additions:

  • Fire! One challenge tunnel now has fire hazards.
  • Blades! One challenge tunnel now has swinging blades.
  • Speedrun mode! A more challenging way to play the game. More notes below.
  • Hat! You're now wearing a hat. Hope you like hat.
  • Experimental spectator camera. 3rd person view. More notes below.
  • Field of view is now restricted when close to falling and when falling in order to further reduce risk of motion sickness.
  • Placeholder ambient soundscape taken out of the game for now since it had confusing footstep sounds.


  • Play area of 2.2 by 2.2 meters needed.
  • Only one controller needed for now. Turn the other controller off for best results.

Speedrun mode

For those of you who wanted more challenge in the game, there is a new speedrun mode. This mode times your play-through but also speeds up the platform movements as long as you can keep up.

This mode is has a higher risk of being uncomfortable, causing motion sickness, and falling over, so engage on your own risk.

  • Each time you take a perfectly timed step onto a new platform, the game will speed things up a little bit.
  • Each time you miss an opportunity to step onto a new platform, the game will slow things down a little bit. (This can occasionally happen through no fault of your own.)
  • When you die, the speed is reset, so it's recommended to keep to a speed you can handle in order to not lose momentum in your speedrun. You can avoid speeding thing further up by taking steps in a slightly slower way.

I do not recommend this mode to people who haven't already played through the game at least once, so in the final game I'll probably only unlock the speedrun mode by completing the game.

How to use: For now though, you start a speed run by first starting a new game, and then press Shift+R on the keyboard.

Let me know what you think of the speedrun mode (in case you try it out) and post your speedrun times here! Ideally as screenshots. :)

Experimental spectator camera

The gameplay in Eye of the Temple can be hard to get an impression of for others by looking out in first person. I've experimented with an alternative camera angle shown on the monitor that shows the action from 3rd person perspective.

How to use: Activate/toggle 3rd person spectator camera by pressing X on the keyboard.

This view requires extra resources from your computer, so if you get performance problems, turn it off.

What do you think of 3rd person spectator camera? Is it something you might use for streaming, videos, or for people watching you play? It's still a bit buggy and has room for improvement, but I'm curious what you think of the overall idea.

Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

I've seen the thread about payout options. A related feature that would be very nice is if credits not yet paid out could be used to purchase things on itch.io. It seems a bit silly having the overhead (both administratively and actual fees) of getting money paid out from itch.io and then more overhead to getting money into itch.io, when this double overhead could be bypassed by letting one feed directly into the other.

Hi Scott, thanks for trying it out and for the feedback. :)

> Shadow - it desperately needs some kind of shadow, a body shaped one would be great but even just a blob would make a massive difference to making you feel that you're actually there.

There is a subtle blob shadow below the player, but maybe it's so faint that it's not very noticeable. A more realistic shadow is hard when I don't know where the player's body is exactly.

> Sound - this is the area that needs the most improvement imo. Heavy sounds of sliding blocks, sounds in your ears to put you off, the sound of wind, step sounds when you get onto the blocks etc.

Sounds needs a lot of improvement, agreed. That said, there are sounds of sliding blocks already. Did you hear sound at all, because if not, it might be an sound output problem perhaps?

I'm noting down your ideas for variation - some of them match some things I was already wanting to do. :)

Ok cool, glad the height vs. ceiling is not a problem!

I noticed a bit of clipping as well; I'll look into fixing that.

I haven't yet settled on the appearance of the gems; I think in the end there might be another tool for the other hand and you can pick up gems with either one, so I'm not sure I want to tie it to the torch specifically just yet. But I agree it seems maybe a bit random now. I'll be thinking about what I can do about that.

Your mailbox seems to be full so the email delivery failed. I'll be happy to resend; just let me know.

All right, let me know if the height is a problem once you've tried it. I managed to not hit out hanging lamp so I'm optimistic, but let me know how it goes for you.

New build February 20: https://itch.io/t/63327/new-build-february-20-gems

Created a new topic New Build February 20 (Gems!)
(Edited 1 time)

New build available February 20. (Read here how to sign up to get access.)

New additions:

  • There are now gems throughout the temple that you can collect.
  • Moving platforms have glowing symbols on them.
  • Visuals: Intro area has some red stones and some of the dungeons have grittier gray stones and spikes.
  • The way the platforms move has been tweaked, hopefully to further reduce potential for dizzyness.


  • Play area of 2.2 by 2.2 meters needed.
  • Only one controller needed for now. Turn the other controller off for best results.

Notes on gems:

The gems are found throughout the temple. The exact placement tries to take player proportions into account so that they are at a comfortable distance for reaching. I haven't tested this on different people yet though. If you could let me know how it works for you and how tall you are, that would be helpful. If you don't want to share that, that's ok too.

Right now the gems don't do anything yet. Later I will implement at the minimum a way for you to see how many you collected.

Beyond that I need to decide if the gems have a critical or non-critical function:

A critical function of the gems could be if they are used to unlock new areas in the game and thus are needed to progress. Or an almost-critical function would be to unlock alternative paths or secret rooms not otherwise accessible. This is still fairly critical because it would be annoying if you're trying to see 100% content of a game to find out you can't due to some mistake made earlier that's too late to do anything about. Currently there are one-way platforms that you can take which will prevent you from going back to collect any gems you might have missed. If I make the gems critical, I'd have to find a way to make it possible to always go back to all areas of the temple.

Non-critical functions of the gems could be highscore, achievements, and, I dunno, unlockable hats if I get a selfie stick implemented for the game. :P Old games would typically grant you extra lives, but it doesn't work for modern games with infinite lives.

For now I refrained from placing gems at platforms that only go one way. If there were gems there and you failed to pick one up, you wouldn't have a second chance and I thought that might feel unfair or frustrating.

What do you think of the gems?

Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks or trying it out and for the feedback! And very cool video!

> After playing the game through for the second time it became more apparent to me that the level design is quite plain looking.

Yep, I definitely understand! Tomb Raider has been my primary inspiration for environments, and adding more variety is on my todo-list. :) So far I've experimented with just adding a bit more variation in colors (will be in next build), but I'd like to do other stuff as well. It's never going to get as varied and polished as Tomb Raider though, given how I'm a tiny indie developer with quite limited resources. But I'll do my best to find a way to improve it compared to now in any case!

> when the big brass 'key' swings down and unlocks part of the temple lock, it does this in silence

Yeah there's various things I don't have sound for yet. On my todo-list as well. :)

> I think having more things to dodge and avoid would be good. Thinking more Indiana Jones style, like arrows being fired at you, or big blades swinging past.

Hehe, would you believe, Indiana Jones is my other primary inspiration. :D Saw blades is on my "nice to have" list, though I can't guarantee they'll make it into the game. Arrows would be cool, but given how fast arrows fly, I'm not sure how to make it viable for the player to dodge them based on reaction time. It would be more about recognizing the "arrow cannons" before they shoot and anticipate it. Maybe that can work, maybe not.

> At 4:43 in my right ear it sounds like someone is walking around slightly behind me.

Yeah, placeholder soundscape with this included. :/ Replacing it with something proper is on my todo-list!

> At 11:55 you can see the black flashes I mentioned in my previous feedback post.

Right. This is a problem with Occlusion Culling in Unity, and it's not just happening for you. :( It used to be much more frequent but I tweaked some settings to reduce it. I'm not sure what to do to get it to go away entirely, but I'll definitely look into it!

Overall, I think you noticed all the reasons why this game is still in pre-alpha: Samey environments, placeholders and lacking audio, and lack of variation in gameplay. Getting to fix all that is going to take a long while, but I'll keep at it. :)

Hi Yahya, thanks for the interest! When the next build is ready (should be within a few weeks hopefully) I'll get you a download key.

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for trying it out, and for the feedback!

maybe there should be spikes on the stone surface? It felt a little strange to die from such a short fall.

Interesting point. It's a dilemma because I want that section to not feel intimidating while the game and mechanics are just being introduced. I'll think some more about it.

I was not a fan of those rolling platforms. The process of walking backward to stay on top of them felt fake, and actually made a slightly queasy.

I'm sorry to hear to hear that. :( Out of curiosity, did you walk on them by taking backwards steps while facing to the front, or by turning around and taking forward steps while facing backwards? (I learned of the second strategy from the video by Jaysinvialoux.) I don't know if it makes a difference, but who knows.

They were a lot of fun, and just felt great. That said, I had an issue with the last obstacle on the first of these sections, which kept pushing me off when I was certain I had moved out of the way.

That's unfortunate! I wish I could see a recording or something because it sounds strange and I can't really tell what might be going on from the description.

I found the more maze-like rooms with guardian blocks to be annoying, and if I hadn't been specifically testing the game I might have given up in those sections.

Definitely good to know! Could you tell a bit more about what about them annoyed you? Were you send too far back when dying and starting over, so it got tedious? Was it too unclear what you were meant to do, so it got frustrating? Or was it just not an interesting challenge in the first place?

I feel like there needs to be some sort of additional mechanic to provide game-play variety.

Yes, I agree! I have a few simple ideas I'd like to implement. I won't discuss them here so as to not influence your expectations before you get to try them. Might be a little while though.


Ah, I forgot to comment on the hard mode idea.

A thing you might not be aware of because it's quite subtle is that the pause time between platform movement is adaptive. It starts out at 1.5 seconds but quickly drops to a much lower value if you step competently. However with the current implementation, it can't really get lower than 0.5 seconds.

I made it adaptive for comfort reasons. For people who tend to get motion sick with (bad) VR, this can be triggered if you step onto a platform as it's already begun leaving. But for some people, this would happen a lot with short pauses; hence I made the pauses adapt to the stepping pace people feel natural.

One problem of reducing pauses for sake of hard mode is that if you step a bit too late you don't die; you just get this correction effect which can be unpleasant. So it doesn't really get particularly harder I think, just less enjoyable.

However, I had thought that maybe the adaptive speed could be used for "speed-running" purposes? Because, the more precise you step, the quicker you can get through the place. Do you think something like that might be interesting?

Shorter reaction time for the drop blocks, that should be doable though, and would make sense to me for a hard mode, since you do die if you fail. Not at the top of my list for what I'll be working on first though, but I've added it to my notes. :)

Thanks for trying it and for the feedback!

I agree the background is not entirely fitting; it's placeholder until I get something better. It will probably still be far up on a mountain, but more green and lush instead of snowy.

About the respawn time, I suspect it's because it requires a bit too much precision in how you position yourself and that can be a bit fiddly. I'll increase the detection radius and hopefully that will help.

Yes, that's a good idea. :)

Thanks for trying it out, and I love the detailed feedback!

> My chief complaint is that the gravity did not feel "always-on". It's easily reproducible -- if I stepped onto a platform tile essentially right as the platform left, my headset would be left hanging in space, without falling and with the freedom to step back.

Hmm! There are two possibilities here.

Either it's the normal threshold for how far you can move out from a platform before you fall. This threshold is fairly large so that people don't fall just by leaning out to peek downwards, and it's really hard to fix in a reliable way when I can only estimate where the feet are based on the headset position and rotation.

Or, if it's only happening in specific circumstances then it might be some bug I'm not aware of. After you've stepped onto a platform tile right as it left, is your movement following the platform or staying in place? I'm not sure if I'll be able to fully understand without a video showing what you mean, but I'll try my best.

> The art assets seemed to get a little repetitive. I wonder if perhaps a next segment could feel like going "deeper into the temple", while maintaining the same gameplay.

Yeah I want to do something about that. :)

I'll try out some things myself, but in case you have specific thoughts about ways in which the environment could change, I'd also love to hear that!

> Is it worth another art asset to have a similarly themed controller, or perhaps the option for a hand?

Plans are a bit open here but I intent to make another tool for the other controller. If that doesn't pan out, I could make it a hand (probably a glove), yes.

> Have you had a chance to look at Knockout Club?

I haven't - thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look at their effects.

> I don't really know how you made me feel like I wasn't backpedalling to stay in the same play area "grid"

It's tightly tied to the level design and it can sometimes be a pain in the ass to get everything to fit together. ;) But it seems it's paying off in the experience it produces, which is why I'm spending all this time making this game. :)

> I wonder if there is some significant part of the audience who might find these places frustration or at least note them as a negative.

Me too. Things like that is part of why I'm trying to get early feedback. But I'd have to hear it from someone who do find these things frustrating, rather than us speculating about it. :)

Note to anyone else who might be reading: If you find any parts of the game too difficult, punishing or repetitive, please don't be shy to tell me!

> I don't know if you are still doing level design, but I wonder if there is some way in your gameplay mechanics to also make a greater use of blind corners and leaning.

I'd love if you could show me some situations in other games where this is used well so I can better understand what you mean. If there's any videos depicting it, that might be easier for me to get than a text description. If there were any "few and far between" situation in Eye of the Temple where this was present, where was that? :)

> I was in a 2.5m^2 play area and my only negative is that in some cases holding out the torch would reveal the chaperone walls.

Yep, the chaperone wall is super annoying to see in this game (but needed for safety!) but there's not much I can do about it that I can think of. :/

> Let me know if you would like more technical feedback

If you had any in mind then sure! But the feedback you provided was also super helpful. :)

Thanks a lot for trying it out and for the feedback. I'm super happy to hear you had such a positive experience overall. :)

Let's try to set the bar high and imagine I would set a price point of this game of $19.99. Would this game live up to what you expect of a game priced like that? And if not, what would it take to make it worth it?

You talk about more levels and puzzles and some more dangers, and that makes a lot of sense to me. If this is the primary thing, how much more content would be fitting for this game at that price compared to what there is now?

Very cool video! When sharing it, should I credit you as Jaysin, Jaysinvialoux, a twitter handle, or what do you prefer?

Hi Bassem, that's great to hear!

What's the date in the zip file you downloaded? The issues with the gate and keys were in the January 26 build but should be fixed in the January 29 build if I'm not mistaken. If you use your download key again, you should see a new build to download.

Welcome Scott! Unfortunately itch.io doens't have private message support, so could you reply with your handle on reddit, twitter (if you allow twitter private messages) or email so I can send a key to you?

Welcome Alex! Unfortunately itch.io doens't have private message support, so could you reply with your handle on reddit, twitter (if you allow twitter private messages) or email so I can send a key to you? (I found the others via their reddit usernames if you're wondering why only you got this reply.)

(Edited 3 times)

You are very welcome to record and share videos of gameplay in Eye of the Temple!

There's just a few conditions:

  1. Please put a clear disclaimer that it's "pre-alpha footage not representative of the final product".
  2. The video can cover content up to but not including "column mazes". They are special large rooms with columns and a bright exit at the other end and they look like this:

I hope that sounds reasonable. Happy recording!

Oh, and if you make any videos, I'd love to see it! Please let me know, for example by posting a link in this thread. :)

I should have mentioned this somewhere, but currently the game uses only one controller. Eventually it will most likely use two.

Created a new topic New Build January 29
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New build available January 29. (Read here how to sign up to get access.)

New additions:

  • 3 tutorial signs in intro area.
  • Large vases for decoration in intro area.
  • New model for stone torches (the things you light on fire to make things happen).
  • Fixed bugs causing gate and keys to flicker and not work correctly.


  • Play area of 2.2 by 2.2 meters needed.
  • Only one controller needed for now.

Reply to share your thoughts. All feedback welcome!

(Edited 1 time)

Great, glad to hear the rolling platforms worked this time!

I uploaded a new build (thread here) where there's some simple tutorial instructions for now on some signs. I might replace it with a more elegant and subtle way to teach it later, but for now this will hopefully lead people in the right direction.

The game is a lot about the sensation of heights and keeping one's balance. For people with fear of heights, it's challenging or impossible to play depending on how bad they feel it and how much they're interested in challenging themselves. It's both a strength and a weakness of the game.

I identified the bug you talked about with the gate not opening properly and some textures flashing/glitching. It should be fixed in the new build.

The download key you got will work for the new build (January 29) as well.

Yeah I need to come up with a way to make it easier to figure out how to handle the cylinder, or remove it entirely.

If you get a chance to try again now you have a hint from me, I'd be very interested in hearing how it goes then. If there's other issues with it too, or a hint is sufficient.