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I noticed that it seemed to stick to the lever, like it was made out of sticky goop like those things you could get in a plastic egg from a vending machine at the grocery store when I was a kid.

Indeed. :) The whip doesn't have any animation and is fully simulated, so when it curls around the lever it's due to physics. I do have to slightly "help" it happen though, by making the lever sticky under certain conditions. It's meant to only happen when you don't notice it, but sometimes my heuristic fails and it looks a bit odd...

One thing that is a bit freaky is the roll-up :D It makes it feel like I'm actually holding a live snake or a huge worm! I kind of expected to find eyes on the whip if I took a closer look xD
Haha, right! :D I'm not exactly sure how I could design the roll-up in a way that doesn't have this issue.

I wouldn't suggest remaking the roll-up in any way, just reporting how it felt :D I mean, it's pretty awesome to have it feel so much like a real thing xD Best whip ever!