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Very interesting, I could run it at 1080p on my 2080 at least, I knew this new PC would be worth the investment 😅 If I could request a single thing, it would be an option for invert mouse... wait, there is source code... thanks!


Stellar stuff, you might have seen my comments both on Twitter and Reddit already, but here's a link to a video of me trying all this out and doing my best at running commentary, what I usually do when I test things. It was hard here as it's, well, almost impossible to describe what I am looking at 😅 More comments and my top picks in the video description 😁

I wouldn't suggest remaking the roll-up in any way, just reporting how it felt :D I mean, it's pretty awesome to have it feel so much like a real thing xD Best whip ever!

I'm quite the laid back backer, eh! But I did spend some time playing this today xD I'm kind of exhausted so I'll leave you with the link, might work as background noise ;) Also might be uhm, in an unexpected format... will keep to an actual monitor next time.

Did I actually win the high-score race? :P I thought I saw someone comment close to the end that they would beat everyone else xD

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Just did a play-through! I have to say, this is turning into a must-play title for me, I'm very impressed with the direction you've taken this. I recorded my run, it's just about an hour, available here (obviously with spoilers) with possible points of interesting marked in the description. I'll try to summarize my thoughts...

1. Torch, very enjoyable, it is so nice to have a personal light source, it helps a lot with transporting me, especially when I can make shadows play. Also really nice that the burning noise increases with flailing of the torch.
2. The rolls are new to me, that is so clever, I love that the distance we move back is physically correct! And they work just fine, not at all as disruptive as the old rotating things. These worked really well, but I also had the floor center marker visible so that might have helped. I'm pondering if showing a wire-frame floor grid could be a comfort option... ?
3. The gauntlet corridors, those are super nice. I'm not sure if it only was the surprise factor, but they had me in giggles and panic in equal shares, good stuff :) I both got excited and slightly wary whenever that drum beat would start :D (I noticed the beams in the video, I didn't realize it at the time, but they do create a static reference while looking at the stuff to avoid, that's really clever!)
4. I quite miss any sounds for the floating gem-inserters, I know this is WIP but figured I should just comment on it, as it sticks out.
5. Collecting gems is nice, it spreads my attention and generates plenty of confused whipping of arms and falling accidents. They seem a bit weird after respawning though, I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them, or if they only spawn after I have reached where I died or something. I would go from the checkpoint and forward, just to turn around and see the glows behind me. I would kind of expect for a gem to stay after I've once spawned it, with the whip it would be possible to pick them up from a slight distance which is impossible when they fade back out.
6. The boss rooms, I never finished that last time I tried this, now I actually completed the whole thing :) Very nice. It took some pre-planning and observation, which is a nice change of pace from frantically jumping between platforms, which is what we do after planning ;) Quite enjoyable, and surprisingly tense for being such a slow moving danger! :O
7. I love the art direction, with the environment and sounds and effects. It's all very coherent and fits well together, I like it :)

I'm actually kind of exhausted now, and I need to eat something, my mind is blanking out xD More thoughts in the video if you want them ;) Cheers!

Just did a playthrough, regarding the whip. I really like how physical it feels, it behaves like something in the real world to me.

I had some issues getting it to catch on to the levers, but then I am an inexperienced whip wielder so a bit hard to say if it's just me or not ;) But probably. I noticed that it seemed to stick to the lever, like it was made out of sticky goop like those things you could get in a plastic egg from a vending machine at the grocery store when I was a kid.

One thing that is a bit freaky is the roll-up :D It makes it feel like I'm actually holding a live snake or a huge worm! I kind of expected to find eyes on the whip if I took a closer look xD

But yeah, all in all it feels very physical and is kind of neat to carry around even if I didn't use it throughout the level (as you mentioned). If nothing else it can be used to fish gems out of the air.

Hello! I'm Andreas and I was a small part of the gamejam team that made a prototype with this concept after Rune's vision! It's nice to see this being expanded :) I'm a mobile and web developer in Sweden, not really game related, but one can dream right? I do love me some VR on a semi-daily basis. I believe I am already a tester so I have that going for me! :D Cheers!