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Hi Erik, Thanks for trying it out!

While many people say they get little or no motion sickness with this game compared to many other games, some still do, and you're not the only one in that regard. It's very individual.

If you do give it another try, try to bring up the application menu (the one shown in the video) and bring the slider all the way to the left (Sharp) and see if that perhaps makes it a little bit better. I'm not sure it will, but it's worth a try if you're loading up the game again anyway. You could also try other slider values. I'd be very interested in hearing if it makes any difference for you.

Hello again! Gave it another spin, tried the sharpness option as you suggested. 100% sharp does feel a little bit better, combined with having played it once before I made it to the first lever this time. (Also tried 100% smooth, definitely worse imo but the difference is not very big - maybe 15% decrease/increase in motion sickness for me). Walking backwards on the rollers was still pretty hard motion-sickness-vise.

Nice touch that you can move the lever with the torch and the handle of the whip in addition to sticking the whip. Sticking was kind of hard at first, got easier.

Thanks for trying it again Erik. Good to hear the sharpness option makes it a little better, though I do understand it's only a minor difference.

The game saves your progress so theoretically you might be able to play it at small increments at a time, but realistically with the degree of motion sickness you experience I imagine it's probably still not practical or comfortable enough.