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Hello again! Gave it another spin, tried the sharpness option as you suggested. 100% sharp does feel a little bit better, combined with having played it once before I made it to the first lever this time. (Also tried 100% smooth, definitely worse imo but the difference is not very big - maybe 15% decrease/increase in motion sickness for me). Walking backwards on the rollers was still pretty hard motion-sickness-vise.

Nice touch that you can move the lever with the torch and the handle of the whip in addition to sticking the whip. Sticking was kind of hard at first, got easier.

Impressions of first play: Started up right away, no problems (Vive, Steam beta, just running the .exe). Tried lighting the "start game" thing with the torch. Intuitive, worked right away, sweet.  Saw two footprints on the ground, "stand here"? Ok, worked, nice. Now in real game.

Nice scenery, graphics looks good, polished. The whip is great! Fun to just play around with. I acctually understand why someone who was afraid of snakes had some problems with it, it does feel a little bit "snaky" :) Tried to make it crack in the air, couldn't, slightly disappointing. Then noticed it seems to crack kinda randomly when hitting surfaces.

Next step: into the platforms. Immediate jarring feeling as you suddenly start moving without really moving when before you were in complete control. I'm sensitive to motion sickness (and also semi-old, 37). Have had VR since DK2 but never really gotten used to beging moved around. So not sure how many people this applies to, but for me it's a huge problem. Would have uninstalled and never played again if it wasn't for testing. Ok, braced and moved on to next platform. Leaned forward this time, like snowboarding, anticipating the movement. Still jarring, but a little bit better.

Next step: platform that you have to step off at the end. First time I didn't step off and was surprised when getting moved backwards again (unlike the first platforms). Almost stopped playing once more.

Next step: Roller that you have to walk backwards to stay on. Tried one, started feeling naseous, got across, exited the game.

Ok so sorry for the negativity, but this was the reality for me. I hope it's not for many others! One of the most motion sickness inducing games I've tried, the other being some platform jumper for Oculus. It's sad, because I really think the idea of staying in your chaperone bounds and moving between platforms is a genius idea. Alot of other things also seem really polished and well done. Some other thoughts: I think motion sickness induction can be graded a little bit like this (at least for me):

1: Movement is 1-1 real movement - very little motion sickness. For instance Holopoint.

2: Movement is 1-1 but also with teleportation - very little motion sickness. Vanishing Realms, The Lab.

3: Movement is not 1-1, but you control the movement directly via input - some motion sickness.

4: Movement is not controlled by you but anticipated - quite alot of motion sickness.

5: Movement is not controlled by you and not anticipated - lots of motion sickness.

So Eye of the Temple hit level 5 for me, and might go down to level 4 with some more playtime, but might go up to level 5 again in new areas.

I don't see any good way to solve this without changing the core gameplay (atleast the part I saw), so the correct strategy is probably to ignore people with high motion sickness and just go for the rest of the demographic.

Will give it one more try later, but probably wont get much further.  Hope this input was of some help though!

Hello, I'm an architect and sometimes carpenter based in Sweden doing VR development as a side project. Mostly for fun, but sometimes for clients. My most played Vive game is Holopoint, love the flow you can get into in that game. Became interested in Eye of the Temple when I saw a video about the whip mechanics on Reddit, sounds like a great idea for a VR weapon. Looking forward to trying a build if you need testers. Email: