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Thanks for the update!

> I did finish it and got throught that new puzzle area pretty easily. It was a cool addition but didnt make me scratch my head at all.

That's fair! It isn't meant to be hard, but as designer it's always hard to predict in advance how it appears to other people. :)

> I really think you need to add more music to your game.

Yes, agreed! There is more music planned, but I'm waiting a bit with this until the level design overhaul is further along, so the musician and I have a better idea of what environments to create music for. Glad you like the existing music. :)

> I started on the speed run but didnt get very far. I think there sould be a timer or something to incicate your speed while playing that.

Thanks a lot for trying the speedrun! I can see I have some work making it clearer how it works. There should be a timer on the handle of the torch, but it may be a bit hard to see. I can work on making it clearer.

> Is the speed run any different than the regular game? I think the blocks were moving faster but Im not sure.

Ah. The speed increases if you are timing your steps well. This means that you step down on a new platform in the same moment as it lines up, which requires that you started taking the step a bit in advance. I wrote more details in the post about the speedrun mode here.

If you keep timing your steps well you can build up insanely crazy speed, but it's definitely not clear how to use the speedrun mode without that explanation. That's something I'll work on for sure.