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Got time now for watching the video. Thanks a lot for playing and recording. Recorded video with talking out loud is the ideal way for me to fully understand the feedback (and is just enjoyable to watch too!).

Nice work on the follow-cam by the way, if I didn't say it already!

I'm pondering if showing a wire-frame floor grid could be a comfort option... ?

It's an interesting idea. If you could try the rollers without your floor center marker and let me know if that's worse or the same, it would help me to better know if it really does help or not.

I quite miss any sounds for the floating gem-inserters, I know this is WIP but figured I should just comment on it, as it sticks out.

Yep, it's on my todo-list. Fine to comment on it though, there's always the chance there's stuff I've overlooked.

The gems seem a bit weird after respawning though, I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them, or if they only spawn after I have reached where I died or something.

Yeah, there's definitely a bug there I need to investigate. Sorry about the confusion!

I would kind of expect for a gem to stay after I've once spawned it, with the whip it would be possible to pick them up from a slight distance which is impossible when they fade back out.
The gems disappear when you step off the platform that made them appear. The design reason is that there are some platforms that cross paths, and it doesn't feel nice and neat when you can collect (and get confused by) gems that "belong" to another platform and which mess up the simple gem trails. You can collect gems from a distance with the whip (as you noticed) as long as you don't step off the platform. All the uncollected gems you noticed "post-mortem" were mostly due to a bug and hopefully should not be as much of an issue once that is fixed.