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Thanks for trying it out!

I think the whip could be improved slightly, with maybe using the trigger to do a ‘whip back’ which could be used to grab levers better, and also a whip back at the right time to hit enemies harder.

Hmm. It's kind of a design decision to keep the whip "pure" in that it doesn't move "on its own" based on buttons/controls but 100% based on hand movement only. It's part of the dedication to immersion in the game. As a result, it's probably the element in the game with most skill involved too, for better or worse. You can usually grab levers in the first try with the right technique, but it can require some practice to get to that point. I appreciate the input but I think I'll keep this one as it is. :)

I find myself looking at my feet a lot, so maybe use things up higher to force your eyesight upward.

Yes, indeed, I agree! There's a few things already, but I'm always considering more ways to create variation in where to look. The obstacles that come down from the ceiling is one thing to look out for. Gems that are sometimes above your head is another, but currently it's easy to just miss those, so I need to figure out a way to draw attention to them.

but you could almost do with a system that lets you manipulate the centre of your play area and downsize your overall area etc. Or rotate it maybe, something to cater for the variations in play space.  Big ask and probably not possible I know.
As you guessed, this is tricky. The game requires a square 2x2 meters, and SteamVR usually centers it from the beginning, so moving or rotating the area would rarely improve things much. Do you mean that you think you could fit the square better than SteamVR does it out of the box? Or that you'd move it around regularly while playing (that would probably be frustrating)? Or if you mean if I could make the game take up less space, that's unfortunately not possible with how it's designed.
 so moving or rotating the area would rarely improve things much.

Moving might not be necessary, but i believe rotating everything would be helpful due to cable handling. When I started it up first, the default orientation was so that the cables came from left and a bit forward, which was annoying when stepping left in-game.  It would have been better if they came from behind, and different setups tend to have slightly different cable management. An option  to rotate the playarea in steps of 90 degrees would perhaps be useful. 

I can see how that could be useful sometimes. I'll see what I can do!