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 so moving or rotating the area would rarely improve things much.

Moving might not be necessary, but i believe rotating everything would be helpful due to cable handling. When I started it up first, the default orientation was so that the cables came from left and a bit forward, which was annoying when stepping left in-game.  It would have been better if they came from behind, and different setups tend to have slightly different cable management. An option  to rotate the playarea in steps of 90 degrees would perhaps be useful. 

>Do you have any thoughts on if there's anything that could make this encounter more interesting? Less confusing? Better?

I have a tiny comment about this. When i first beat them one fell down on the path of the rolling platform. It would have been immensely satisfying if the rolling platform actually crushed the scarab, instead of clipping through. Maybe this could even be a mechanic later in the game, to actively need to whip some enemies into paths of platforms.

I think there might be some problems with the jump on vive still. i just tried it, and it seems to work sometimes, but not always. maybe there is a specific way to do it, but that may be unclear. For some reason i find it much easier to jump in the menu than in the level. 

Also, some parts are nauseating, specifically the first part where there is a rounded hill you run up against. if you mess upp and have to do it slower or stop in the incline, the camera turns upwards almost 90 degrees which causes the nausea.