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I think there might be some problems with the jump on vive still. i just tried it, and it seems to work sometimes, but not always. maybe there is a specific way to do it, but that may be unclear. For some reason i find it much easier to jump in the menu than in the level. 

Also, some parts are nauseating, specifically the first part where there is a rounded hill you run up against. if you mess upp and have to do it slower or stop in the incline, the camera turns upwards almost 90 degrees which causes the nausea.  

Yeah I've been trying to solve an issue with Walk-O-Motion where framerate affects speed, that includes the head tracking, therefore the jump speed.

This is now fixed but a lot of Walk-O-Motion was redone.

Right now I'm working on this Mario project, and I'd love to do more Sonic, with much more reliable mechanics but I need to start spending more time on my own projects, and time is something I don't have much of.

The tilting problem is sort of native to Sonic mechanics, mine are not too good, I could definitely do much better now anyways.

I'm unlikely to update this right now, I don't have a Vive, and Oculus is set up a bit awkward in SteamVR so my tests are completely pointless.

Once I get a Vive and a bit of time, I'm going through these older projects and getting them fixed up.