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loving the new additions, the ceiling bit is fabulous. The sense of freedom this game gives you is still second to none. Amazes me how quickly you forget you’re just in a room somewhere. 

I think the whip could be improved slightly, with maybe using the trigger to do a ‘whip back’ which could be used to grab levers better, and also a whip back at the right time to hit enemies harder. 

I find myself looking at my feet a lot, so maybe use things up higher to force your eyesight upward. 

The other thing, is that I’ve changed the room my vr is in since I last played. The new room has a few more obstacles around the edges which means in your game I’m often playing with the chaperone bounds on view. I know this sounds challenging but you could almost do with a system that lets you manipulate the centre of your play area and downsize your overall area etc. Or rotate it maybe, something to cater for the variations in play space.  Big ask and probably not possible I know. 

Awesome stuff though. 

man that is superb. You wanna be licensing that whip engine to some of those guys making swinging games with 'solid' ropes!!

Whip movement looks superb.

Hoping so, loved what I played.

Well - you say you dont know where the body is, but you know you're on the block right?

Have a play of Ripcoil (Oculus Rift game you can get free for buying any other Rift title) through Revive - you will see you get a full body including arms in that so it's largely doable I think. But it doesn't need to be that far. Have a play of Richie's Plank Experience and you can see how effective a good blob can be. Maybe just make the one you've done more visible?

Yeh I hear the existing sounds, I kinda meant a really nice throaty gravelly grinding slidey sound, to give the blocks real weight.

Cool, looking forward to seeing where it goes as it's ace so far.

Immediately - I love it. The way that your play area gets "lost" and you suddenly feel that you're in a massive expanse is fantastic.

The graphics are certainly decent enough to carry off the concept very well.

It's very easy to pick up and play without a massive learning curve. Love that aspect to it.

Would I buy it? Definitely.

Ok, thoughts on where I could see improvements.

Only bug I've seen is the the area you get to after you've had the 2 wood rods unlock the area you can get into by simply standing on the sliding rock that takes you forward then walk through the wall. Make that stone that takes you forward only appear once the unlock has happened.

Shadow - it desperately needs some kind of shadow, a body shaped one would be great but even just a blob would make a massive difference to making you feel that you're actually there.

Sound - this is the area that needs the most improvement imo. Heavy sounds of sliding blocks, sounds in your ears to put you off, the sound of wind, step sounds when you get onto the blocks etc.

Ways you could improve things - I admit I've not completed the demo so some of this may come in later, but these are just my thoughts on what I think would be good additions.

More variation - different sized blocks, blocks that break away in part or after a certain time, blocks that teleport you around, glass blocks, slippery blocks, blocks that go in a pirate ship type swinging motion, that kind of thing.

More height - play on the being high up thing more, vertigo is great!

Things that fly at you to put you off what you're doing.

How about rooms that are in the dark and you have to do things being guided by a voice in your ear ?

Walls you can break down in some way.

Opening and closing metal doors with teeth, prince of persia style.

There's so much scope, but this is just spitballing. I love the game as is and cant wait to see where it goes.

hiya. It's supermanscottbristol on reddit.

Cheers mate!

Hi, I'm Scott from Bristol, UK.

Always interested in trying new Vive experiences, always keen to feedback my thoughts (good and bad). Loved Chrysalis Pyramid so think this will be up my street. As someone who doesn't like heights I'm always after something to make me feel a bit wobbly and help along that path (see Richie's plank experience which I did alpha feedback on for an example!)

Hit me up if you want my feedback. Cheers mate!