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Hi there!

On macOS, this is what I see when I open the latest version of the game in Quicklook: 

I'm pretty sure Celeste has been updated quite a few times, so this can't be Version 1! (The year is also off).

I know this isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it feels un-clean, so I wanted to report it.

Thanks! I love the game itself, it's actually my second time buying it, since I got the Switch version at launch.

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Hello. I finally got a chance to play through this today. The the whole, it was a lot more polished than I expected of an early build, and I was pretty impressed overall. That said, here are some notes about a few specific sections:

  • In the beginning outside section, where the platforms were sliding atop stone surfaces rather than outright floating... maybe there should be spikes on the stone surface? It felt a little strange to die from such a short fall.
  • I was not a fan of those rolling platforms. The process of walking backward to stay on top of them felt fake, and actually made a slightly queasy (which for me is a big deal, as it's happened before in my eight months of owning a Vive). I'm sure they were created as a way of keeping people within their play area, but, well, I still didn't like them, and I feel like Chyrsallis Pyramid managed well enough.
  • Overall, I [i]loved[/i] the sections where you had to duck and dodge obstacles to avoid being pushed of a moving platform. They were a lot of fun, and just felt great. That said, I had an issue with the last obstacle on the first of these sections, which kept pushing me off when I was certain I had moved out of the way. It took me maybe seven tries to get through, and I don't know why it finally worked.
  • I found the more maze-like rooms with guardian blocks to be annoying, and if I hadn't been specifically testing the game I might have given up in those sections.

Lastly, as much as I love platforming, I feel like there needs to be some sort of additional mechanic to provide game-play variety. It doesn't need to be super in depth, just different. I could see climbing working well, or maybe some very light combat?


Hi, I'm Jonathan/Wowfunhappy. I really like platformers in generally and loved Chrysalis Pyramid. I have a much larger than average 4x3 play area, if that's something you're interested in testing. I also do a lot of QA testing professionally (although not on games), so I'm pretty good at reproducing/reporting problems.