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>Do you have any thoughts on if there's anything that could make this encounter more interesting? Less confusing? Better?

As I think someone else mentioned, I wasn't sure I was damaging them.  Maybe some indication of that, like if they flashed red when I scored a hit.  As it is now, it kinda just felt like I was pushing them away but not making progress.  A health bar or something would work but I could understand that would ruin the immersion quite a bit.  Also, I wasn't sure if I should be trying to use torch or whip for them, so some kind of indication (whip hits turn them red for a second, torch hits don't?  torch actually lights them on fire and then they die?) might help, too.

>Ah. I intended for the first one to be easy to just switch with the torch or rolled up whip, but it may be just a tad too far away. I don't know if I can move it closer (the level design is quite dictated by a grid like layout) but I'll at least try to make the rolled up whip better at "pushing" things instead of getting stuck.

Oh! I didn't even think to use the torch.  I was so excited to try the whip mechanics...

>an item on my todo-list to investigate creating a room where there's snakes on the floor.
Lol, comes with the territory, I guess! :)

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>That's interesting; it goes against conventional wisdom for how to avoid motion thickness. I can try to increase the maximum smoothness value of the slider so you can try turning it further up in the next build.

Hmm, I may be wrong-it did seem to be a problem for me on both ends of the spectrum.  I guess my thinking is that if the platform is moving quite a bit slower when i'm getting off, it would be less of a problem.  But I can try more of the "linear" side with a fresh mind and see if it helps.

>The game saves your progress so I recommend playing in shorter sessions. :) If you keep it shorter, the feeling might not linger as much - let me know how it goes!

Oh, good! Will do--thanks!

>It sounded like you wanted the glowy orbs that signify where the gems will appear to be more visible? Do the gems themselves need to be more visible too or are those okay?

FWIW, I always found myself looking down, to see platforms, and so I missed a lot of gems this way.

My first time playing -- thanks for the opportunity!

Didn't try spectator mode, as I am only one person. 

Overall: Very cool game, but gave me some motion sickness.

The game itself is sweet.  Environment is awesome.  I love how you use roomscale to avoid the entire locomotion & chaperone issue.  This creates a huge sense of immersion.  In one of those really thin (1-block wide) corridors with the spike pit beneath, I felt like I was really there!  Also, one time I tried to adjust the brim of my hat.  You've nailed the immersion / atmosphere IMO.

At first I didn't know what to do with those flying scarab beetles and so it took me 2 tries to kill them.  I figured it out, though.

I get motion-sick pretty easy in VR (I usually use teleport locomotion) and I did have to stop playing after an hour or so.  [how long I lasted: I had opened the first dual-lock door to get inside the large temple, and then got to that large room with the second dual-look door, with puzzle rooms off to either side, where you complete the puzzle and come back out over the top.  I had done one of those side rooms-- the puzzle where that chess-piece style guy is chasing you around on blocks -- which was pretty fun, btw--and then got back to the main room, and had to quit due to motion sickness.]. 

Anyway, motion while turning or looking to the sides is what usually does me in with VR games.  So, lots of cases here where  where you'd be on a moving platform, and then turning to look at the next moving or stationary platform as you came to a stop and jumped off.  I think that's what really messed me up.  I tried only looking forward while on moving platforms, until each platform had come to a complete stop, and that helped a little, but there's often not that much time to wait.   But, yeah.  All the turning with motion really shakes me up.  I did try both smooth and linear platform motion, I think I preferred smooth and would probably prefer smoother.

I'm not sure what my advice is for fixing the motion sickness issue--it will be interesting to hear if other people have the same issue.  I've seen other games obscure part of the FOV while in motion, maybe that would help.  Making more platforms where you walk directly off the front of the platform, rather than the side, would likely help,

I may go back and try to finish the game later, but I don't think I'll be able to get farther than that--my head is spinning and need to go lay down for the rest of the evening!

Thanks for the fun build! Overall, I enjoyed myself despite the motion sickness.

Whip is pretty cool overall.

Of the two levers that require a whip outside the temple, the second one was intuitive and felt great.  It was just the right distance away, and at just the right angle--I grabbed it and pulled it with the whip in a single try.

The first switch didn't work so well for me.  It was close enough that I could almost knock it around with my rolled-up whip, so I tried to do that, but it ended up sticking to the lever and didn't really pull it.  I did end up whipping it with a fully extended whip, but it took probably 5-10 tries to do this at the right angle, secure it, have it stick, and then pull it before it became unstuck.  Disclaimer: I have never used a whip in real life, I've only seen one used on TV.

As for the general mechanics of swinging the whip, it felt pretty cool and what I imagine a whip is like.

Half-joking tiny criticism: I'm afraid of snakes, and the whip reminded me a little bit of a snake.  I'm not sure that's avoidable with a whip.  Anyway, if you get other users who are afraid of snakes, maybe they can confirm, but you should probably just ignore me.  It was playable; I just tried not to do the coil motion too much, 'cause it freaked me out a little.

Thanks! I will I'd be happy to try it out and provide feedback.

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Hi! I've had my vive for about a year and I saw your whip mechanics video on reddit and I NEED to try this game!!!! It looks so cool!! When can I buy it!?! 

PS reddit username is starwarscats