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I’m having the same issue. I messed up the settings and can’t undo it. How do I find it in regedit?

not sure, I had this on shuffle and it all fit great.


OMG!! I played tonight with the Indiana Jones soundtrack on from google play. Makes this game so much better!

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I did finish it and got throught that new puzzle area pretty easily. It was a cool addition but didnt make me scratch my head at all. I really think you need to add more music to your game. I love the parts that have the loud intense music but the rest of the game is too quiet.  Need some nice egyptian ambient music or something. 

I started on the speed run but didnt get very far. I think there sould be a timer or something to incicate your speed while playing that. Is the speed run any different than the regular game? I think the blocks were moving faster but Im not sure. I guess what im getting at, is its hard to tell if your actually playing the speed run or not.

I tried it, it made me laugh. I really like the idea. Would love to play more movie scenes. Hope you continue work on this!

oh, I also love the new area additions

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I just tried it. I love the new additions like giving the whip more to do, the new texture work looks great,  and I love the new Indiana Jones part. 

I’m about half way through it. So far I have a couple notes:

I found at the Indiana Jones part when I ducked, it didn’t even kill me when it fully comes down at some places. Also I still think you need to either speed up the part after you beat the boss or give us something to do as you move over the temple. It’s excruciatingly slow and boring at that part. 

I’ll finish it up later and possible try the speed run. Although thinking about it while I was playing, I don’t think this game needs a speed run. I like to take my time but that’s me. I’ll give it a try tho. 

when are you  going to release this game?

can’t wait! I’ll try tomorrow and try that speed run.

lol, what timing eh? Looking forward to checking it out

I had high hopes for this game but kinda dishearted with zero updates for so long

can we get an English version? Tried to play with my son but can’t read the French instructions!

turn on steam vr, go to wherever you downloaded and extracted the file and double click the .exe

sorry for the delay but I finally got around to testing it last night. Played the whole game from beginning to end. It’s really cool, the whip feels great but I wish it had more use than just the beginning part. I really like the third person camera but I found while watching my son play that the camera would randomly go outside the temple while he was inside. I suggest making the part where you beat the boss and go up and over the temple to move a bit faster. I found that part on both times to be long and boring while you slowly move to where your supposed to go afterwards. The music was really cool and made the scene much more intense. I think the game needs a bit more parts like that to improve the pacing of the game or at least add music to the rest of the game. One suggestion i request is because this is inspired by Indiana Jones is to have a part we can roll under a closing door or a really low door we could crawl under like in the movies

Created a new topic wheel compatibility?

any chance you could add wheel support?

this game is super fun. I love the feeling you get doing flips off the mountains. Are you continuing work on this game?

cool, I’ve been looking forward to this update. I’ll try it tonight and give feedback

thank u very much. I don’t let my little guy play often but once in a while I let him try it out. He watched my son and I play sonic and he was begging to play but was disappointed when he was just rolling because of his height. He has an iron stomach for vr so I’m not worried about the motion of it. He’s going to be 1 happy kid tonight thank u

yeah he’s 3 years old and really wants to be sonic

any way you could add a turn off spinning when you duck option? My little guy is so short that no matter what Height I set it at he was always spinning and couldn’t play.

awesome! ill give it a go

never mind, figured it out

where do I go to get the new build

The gems look like a cool add on. Looking forward to trying it ou

I tried it and it didn't work with revive

how do you make this work with vive?

as you seen in the video that this being a 1 controller game I tried to set one of the controllers aside but it wouldn't disappear and I could see it floating across the room and was very distracting so I was forced to hold a useless controller. Could you program it so the other controller disappears

to reach that $19.99 price you'd definetly need more levels. As a player, I am not satisfied if I can't get at least 4-5 hours of game play for that price unless it's only online.

as VHS productions

also made a video


Created a new topic First play through test

Let me start off with, why is this in pre alpha testing? This game has more polish than 90% of the steam games out there! This already feels like a finished product. The game played great and looked great. I'm running on an i7 4720hq/gtx 980ti and I didn't encounter any judders or frame loss. Usually when I try an alpha I have a ton of suggestion but this game is great the way it is. The only thing I would hope for is more levels and puzzles. I would also suggest giving it a more temple of doom feeling by adding in more dangers like swinging blades and shooting darts. Again, great game and looking forwad of future update

hi, I'm Jaysin. I've been apart of a few beta testing vr games and have always provided feed back. I also make vr Let's play videos on YouTube in my spare time. I am also currently partnering with some people to open a vr arcade in my city and we should be opening the doors in February

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awesome game!!! Great job! Would love to see a points base system or if it kept track of how many rounds you can survive without dying. Different enemies with different abilities would be great too