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i tried this last year, made me laugh. is this the same version or has there been progress

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ok, so the VR does work but for some reason the dinosaur just walks around and does nothing.I get out, I get in, I walk right up to the trex and he just continues to walk around. looks really cool tho. controlls are also a little wonky in vr but I managed. not sure how to activate an event to get the dino mad, maybe im doing it wrong?

Figured it out nevermind

It works!! looks great but do you have a control scheme? not sure how to get out of the car

I'll give it a try

if it works, maybe the raptor one after?

awesome! Can’t wait!

so unity5games, did you ever fix your pc?

this is absolutely incredible! Great job further beyond studios!

I don't like vorpx. Your game would look and run better if it ran natively in vr without vorpx. It's already does but like I've said, I can't get past the menu

I’d love to see more Wii balance board vr games. I’ve played around a lot with dolphin vr and the balance board and it’s a lot of fun. 

I’ve played everyone that worked and Wii ski and wiifit were great. After playing them all, the best use I found was skateboarding in Wii fit. After playing that, I think a hover board vr game would be the best option if someone were to ever develop a bigger balance board vr game.

thank you, I will try tonight.

this is pretty cool but the fov is reduced on the vive. Im guessing its for motion sickness or something. anyway to go full screen in vr?

hey unity 5, did you get your pc fixed yet? Still dying to play this in vr!

sorry to hear. Hope you get it going soon.

you still working on that update?

I’m going to keep bugging you till you add in “press enter to start” without using a mouse so I can play in vr.

did u fix your pc on the weekend? Really hoping you get a chance to add that start button soon to get that vr plug in going!

I also tried the raptors one in vr and it does work as well. But it has the same problem as t.rex, can’t get past the start screen in vr because I can’t click the start button. Menu looks wonderful tho lol. If you find a way to add in “press enter to start” or something in trex, can u do the same to raptors please?

hard to tell from the vid but that is in ful 3D roomscale vr.

here is just a quick test video I recorded off my screen moving the headset around so you can see it does work

please, if the developer is listening, I’ve found a way to make this work in vr, we just need a way to start the game without clicking the start button. Maybe hit enter to start as a suggestion? This game would really shine as an immersive vr experience. The menu alone standing in the rain looking at the t.rex in vr looks amazing!

ok, I need help. I got it running in full roomscale vr but I cannot hit the start button! I can stand there and look at the menu and the trex in the rain but i need a way to force start the game without the need of a mouse because the mouse is all messed up in vr and doesnt know whats direction to go.

has anybody tried this to add vr? I’ll try later but it’s usally a pretty easy solution to add vr to unity games.

why don’t you just add it yourself? It’s super easy to do. Just put this in the game folder and drag the .exe onto the .ipa.

Haven’t tried yet but that usually works for unity games.

I’m having the same issue. I messed up the settings and can’t undo it. How do I find it in regedit?

not sure, I had this on shuffle and it all fit great.

OMG!! I played tonight with the Indiana Jones soundtrack on from google play. Makes this game so much better!

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I did finish it and got throught that new puzzle area pretty easily. It was a cool addition but didnt make me scratch my head at all. I really think you need to add more music to your game. I love the parts that have the loud intense music but the rest of the game is too quiet.  Need some nice egyptian ambient music or something. 

I started on the speed run but didnt get very far. I think there sould be a timer or something to incicate your speed while playing that. Is the speed run any different than the regular game? I think the blocks were moving faster but Im not sure. I guess what im getting at, is its hard to tell if your actually playing the speed run or not.

I tried it, it made me laugh. I really like the idea. Would love to play more movie scenes. Hope you continue work on this!

oh, I also love the new area additions

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I just tried it. I love the new additions like giving the whip more to do, the new texture work looks great,  and I love the new Indiana Jones part. 

I’m about half way through it. So far I have a couple notes:

I found at the Indiana Jones part when I ducked, it didn’t even kill me when it fully comes down at some places. Also I still think you need to either speed up the part after you beat the boss or give us something to do as you move over the temple. It’s excruciatingly slow and boring at that part. 

I’ll finish it up later and possible try the speed run. Although thinking about it while I was playing, I don’t think this game needs a speed run. I like to take my time but that’s me. I’ll give it a try tho. 

when are you  going to release this game?

can’t wait! I’ll try tomorrow and try that speed run.

lol, what timing eh? Looking forward to checking it out

I had high hopes for this game but kinda dishearted with zero updates for so long

can we get an English version? Tried to play with my son but can’t read the French instructions!

turn on steam vr, go to wherever you downloaded and extracted the file and double click the .exe

sorry for the delay but I finally got around to testing it last night. Played the whole game from beginning to end. It’s really cool, the whip feels great but I wish it had more use than just the beginning part. I really like the third person camera but I found while watching my son play that the camera would randomly go outside the temple while he was inside. I suggest making the part where you beat the boss and go up and over the temple to move a bit faster. I found that part on both times to be long and boring while you slowly move to where your supposed to go afterwards. The music was really cool and made the scene much more intense. I think the game needs a bit more parts like that to improve the pacing of the game or at least add music to the rest of the game. One suggestion i request is because this is inspired by Indiana Jones is to have a part we can roll under a closing door or a really low door we could crawl under like in the movies

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any chance you could add wheel support?