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Eye of the Temple

Explore an vast and treacherous temple in room-scale VR · By runevision

New Build April 21

A topic by runevision created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 137
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New build available April 21. (Read here how to sign up to get access.) Same download link you already got works for new build.

No major new features in this build, just some things that are a bit prettier and various fixes.

New additions:

  • Preliminary music.
  • Nicer model for key delivery platform and key.
  • Temple looks nicer from outside (big flat walls have been broken up).
  • Reduction of flashing white pixels (aka pixel sparkles)
  • Column mazes now have checkpoints at columns next to the "trigger column" to avoid being set as much back.

If you didn't already, also check out the features added in the April 2 build, like fire, swinging blades, speedrun mode and spectator camera!

Those features are also in the newest build of course, but you can read about them there. I didn't get much feedback about them yet.