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I'd be interested to know this also.

So. How much would you want raised as a Kickstarter to open source the whole thing? :-)

It makes me sad to use code I can't modify or learn from... :-(

Itch app reports this as "Not available on Windows" and doesn't have a download button.

itch.io app says "not available on windows"

Seems OK now.

It's something fairly easy to fix as other devs I've notified of the same problem fixed it instantly. I think it's something to do with the metadata regarding compatibility you set when you upload it to itch.

In the itch.io app there's no download button.

The itch.io app reports this as "Not available on Windows" which is obviously not right. It's probably incorrect metadata of some kind. Can you take a look as it's impossible to install via the app currently.

Isometric: (in technical or architectural drawing) incorporating a method of showing projection or perspective in which the three principal dimensions are represented by three axes 120° apart.

This is in the itch.io app - where there would normally be an install button.


Hi. I'm andybak on Steam and Reddit. I'd be interested in trying out anything with an original twist.