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Incorporating shadertoy shaders as object snippets

A topic by necromorph123 created May 16, 2019 Views: 196 Replies: 1
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Hey guys,

Does anyone know whether you can turn a raymarching shader like the one below into a custom object snippet in the Raymarching Toolkit?

And if so can you please give pointers

This one is the Elevated Shader from Shadertoy

And it has already been converted from GLSL to HLSL


It's possible:

1. Work out which part of the Shadertoy is the actual distance function.

2. Convert that from GLSL to HLSL 

3. Figure out what other rendering tricks are used (ambient occlusion, fog, whatever) and decide if they are worth trying to port.

(3) is probably the hardest. If all you want is the "geometry" (so to speak) then it's doable once you understand the structure of the Shadertoy. Step (2) is usually fairly easy and gets easier when you get more used to the syntax differences.