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Please can we have tabs back?

A topic by andybak created Dec 14, 2018 Views: 510 Replies: 7
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Why was the decision made to remove the ability to open things in a new tab in the itch app? I'm going to have to go back to using the website now for any sensible usage. I usually open stuff I'm interested in in multiple new tabs and then go through them one by one. Now it's the painfully slow "click > wait > read > go back" workflow...

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Go to Preferences and click Enable Tabs. Enjoy


It's even worse than I thought. It's "click > wait > read > go back and figure out where in the page you'd scrolled to"!

Please - tabbed browsing is the greatest innovation in UI design in living memory. You had that bit right. Please don't get worse.


I'm going to bump this thread. Please, add tabs back. It's so infuriating the current state of the app. It actually makes you now want to explore games anymore.

I will change it back after Christmas guys :)

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It is under Preferences (to get it click your username or the itch logo(not in browser in border), or go to your itch icon on your taskbar(Windows and Linux only (I think) and right click it) then scroll down and check Enable tabs. It's that simple!

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It might be on the Mac! Haven't used a Mac since 2017 so idk.

And also I just used the itch app for the first time yesterday, so I don't know.

I'm on Windows.

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