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Thanks for confirming, I don't have a flashcart

Found a working one!

There are some games that just require copying to the SD card without CFW

No one will. This game needs an analog stick or touchscreen anyway

Use the below comment or NDSForwarder like I did


Currently trying with TwilightMenu++ on homebrewed 2ds, it should work there even if you use the flashcard version

Kaboom is browser only :( but maybe someone could make it an electron app

thanks for putting this out so that people that don't run linux and/or code can use the latest commit - davidgaming200, a coder

looks like spikes lol


unless you have linux support built in and enabled (probably not on school chromebooks) if you do you can install wine and play

use wine for linux/mac, it works fine (from linux mint)

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thanks (from linux mint)

I have the desktop version on my main PC, but I'm on my Chromebook and wanna use Mystic! I can try to build it if I can find the code and host it on a website.

WINE is a Windows simulator for Mac and Linux and has Unity support

Found a problem: If it's laggy, then the player will go off screen and it will keep going when he's supposed to die for a while.

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I wanna share how I got this running on my old Wii. I first ran LetterBomb, with my region and MAC Address, then put those files on my SD Card. I went to the WIi Message Board, then went to yesterday, then hit the red letter. It brought up a menu that, when you wait 30 seconds, shows to press 1 to continue. This enters you into the HackMii installer, where you can install The Homebrew Channel and BootMii. If you're just running Terri-Fried, you might just want the Homebrew Channel. (get them anyway) If you're going to install other Homebrew, install BootMii and Priiloader (guides at Hit "Install the Homebrew Channel," and hit yes for the other popups. Once you have done that, hit Exit, and it will bring you to the Homebrew Channel. Delete the LetterBomb files, then copy over all the Terri-Fried files. Then go to the Homebrew Channel, and Terri-Fried should show up in the menu.

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Edit: lol 17

Edit 2: LOL 30

u die duh

Also if you wanted a download, you would also have to have Java on your computer, as libGDX, the library this game was written in is written in Java.

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If you get the itch app on your PC, you can download the web build and run it as if it were a regular game! So basically that is the download. I would say you could compile it if it were actually open-source, but from what I can tell, PolyMars hasn't actually released it on GitHub.

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You can compile it yourself for desktop with SDL2. Here is the GitHub link:

Edit: I found this: You can download the zip from here.

Lol just came looking for the same thing after playing overcooked 2 and this literally helpe

yea, that's good cuz i wanna play on my chromebook


try installing retropie and getting drastic (you can also do this on x86 platforms easily)

wasdwasdwasdwwasdwasdwasdwasd I an do that with onehandqzsdqzsdqzsd Slower but still on hant on qwertyuiop keyboard.

I'm on Windows.

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It might be on the Mac! Haven't used a Mac since 2017 so idk.

And also I just used the itch app for the first time yesterday, so I don't know.

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It is under Preferences (to get it click your username or the itch logo(not in browser in border), or go to your itch icon on your taskbar(Windows and Linux only (I think) and right click it) then scroll down and check Enable tabs. It's that simple!

How do you even play this! Doki Doki Chefs (a demake) is better than this!

This is a dog store, don't take it too seriously.

The game is going to be on Scratch. I will include all of the things you need in the zip i send you. You might play my other Scratch game, Assistant. It has a link on my page. I will add the embed in a second project I will link in the game desc.

Assistant community · Created a new topic More commands?

Hey! Anyone want some more commands?