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Tried this out today. Really liking the extra addition! Feel more like Indiana Jones with a whip in your hand :-)

Noticed that the torch doesn't hit the lever all the time, just passes through it sometimes. I think the whip doesn't crack unless it hits something? I could be wrong but that's how it appeared, as I couldn't seem to crack it in the air like a real whip would. 

Liking the water & the background scenery. Adds a bit of a wow factor when you overlook the valley of mountains after the room of pillars. Speaking of the pillar rooms, I surprised myself by beating both rooms without being knocked off once, when I played the very first build it took me at least 10-15 goes. If I remember correctly, the routes you have to take seemed very similar in both rooms. Maybe that could be changed up a bit?

The flying bugs surprised me, wasn't expecting them! Like others have said, some indication that you're actually doing damage would be good. Some other creatures/animals would be great, but I'm sure you'll be working on that already.

Some of the gems were clipping into the corners of some walls, I think in the same places where I spotted them from the first build where they were introduced.

Thought the added music, swinging blades and fire were a great addition too. The flames particularly were awesome, almost felt the heat from them :-)

I didn't attempt a speedrun, as I think it just wouldn't be safe for me in my minimum playspace and with the Vive cable. I almost ripped the cable out of the link box a few times when I was just taking my time :-| Can't wait for wireless VR to be the norm, as my cable gets tangled like crazy.

Noticed you'd not changed anything on the top of the temple. Do you have any plans for that part? I just spent the whole time travelling across the top just playing with the whip some more.

I think that's all for now, if I remember anything else I'll let you know.

Just tried this out and didn't hit my ceiling, wasn't even close. My arm was never straight so no problems at all.

I liked the extra colour you've added to it, definitely makes a positive difference. The texture of the blocks inside the narrow corridors part is much better as well. The spikes are a good addition, just adds that little bit more "I don't want to fall off here" feeling.

I'm not sure what I think of the pink gems. I like the idea, just seems a bit random. With the torch being the thing you have to hit them with, it feels like it should be more connected to the torch somehow, like if it was something which disappeared in a puff of flames when the torch hit it, would make more sense in my head. Just my personal preference though, other people may really like the gems.

Oh and I noticed a few of the gems were clipped inside 1 of the columns near the entrance to the temple as well.

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I think having the gems as a semi-critical component would be the way to go. That would give people more motivation to collect them due to the mystery of unlocking secret rooms etc, whilst at the same time this doesn't force them to collect them. This would obviously have to be explained to the player at the start, so they know the reason for collecting them and what benefit it has.

I have a fairly low ceiling room, if I extend my arm upwards straight then I will hit the ceiling. I haven't tried this version yet so I don't know how vertical the arm would need to go, but it's just something that makes me wary when seeing reaching up to collect gems.

Glad you like the video. So we're on the same wave length then, great minds think alike :-D

It sounds like you know what you want to do, you just need some funding, hire a few staff and get cracking :-P

Seriously though, you've done a great job up to now and I'm sure your to do list is as long as your arm, so you'll get the game to how you want it I'm sure. I look forward to seeing the updates :-)

I just turned 1 controller off, problem solved :-)

So I finally got round to making a gameplay video after being ill for a week or so:

This is obviously for entertainment purposes and not really giving constructive feedback on the game, but I'll do that now.

After playing the game through for the second time it became more apparent to me that the level design is quite plain looking. The texture of the blocks and bricks is great, but overall it's just a bit too samey samey. Being an old temple I'd imagine it to be a lot dirtier, more bits falling apart, rocks crumbling, holes in some of the walls, maybe some vines growing etc. I think more of a tomb raider feel to it would give it a bit more character and realism, it's all very beige currently. If you type "Tomb Raider Temple" into google images, that's the kind of thing I mean. I think it would give it a more creepy atmosphere to it too.

It would be great to add some more natural elements into the game, like earth, fire, wind and water. Having to avoid fire somehow, seeing and hearing moving water, having wind rush by when you're in a more open area, things like that.

Near the beginning when unlocking the entrance, when the big brass 'key' swings down and unlocks part of the temple lock, it does this in silence, when it feels like it should make some sounds whilst doing so. Some creaks and a thud maybe when it goes in the lock hole, something like that.

I think having more things to dodge and avoid would be good. Thinking more Indiana Jones style, like arrows being fired at you, or big blades swinging past. Things to add some more fear of falling off the blocks. Also some inventory items would break it up a bit from just holding the torch the whole time. I'm thinking like maybe a big machete that you need to equip to chop through some rope when you're travelling past to reveal something or release a doorway etc or maybe you have to fill something with water to put weight on a certain block to release something. Maybe you have to shoot something with a bow and arrow. Little challenges or puzzles possibly to add some more thinking and variety to it.

At 4:43 in my right ear it sounds like someone is walking around slightly behind me. Again at 7:44, 8:35 in left ear, 11:55 in left ear & 13:07 in left ear again. You will probably need headphones/earphones on to hear it. These sounds seem very out of place, I can't work out when is triggering them.

At 11:55 you can see the black flashes I mentioned in my previous feedback post. They happen again at 12:28, 12:34, 12:47 and 14:00. I wonder if this just happens for me, or if everyone else experiences this in the narrow corridors.

That's about all I can think of for now. I tried to be as constructively critical as I could, so I hope that helps.

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  1. I'll check out the new build this week. One thing I forgot to ask, does the none torch holding hand do anything at any point or is it a 1 controller game?It kind of felt like I was holding a controller in my left hand for no reason. Maybe I just haven't got far enough in yet, just wondered.

OK so I tried again today. Didn't have much time but wanted to at least get inside the temple. For some reason sound wasn't working for me either, couldn't get it to come out of the headset. Probably a problem my end since I updated windows and all my sound devices reset. But anyway, riding the cylinders was a piece of cake once I knew I had to take little steps backwards. Definitely don't get rid of the cylinders, I do like the idea of them as it brings something different than just stepping and waiting whilst the block moves. I think for the very first one, if people were to look down and see themselves sliding off it, they would work out what to do. I made the mistake of stepping on it and looking forwards which is why I didn't work out I had to step backwards whilst it was rolling forwards. The 2x2m playspace is just enough to keep going, at times touching the edges when stood on the blocks. I really liked the part where you're sent high up and then move across above everything. I'm not afraid of heights, but if people were I could imagine that part may scare them a little.

At one point I did lose my balance a little and subconsciously tried to lean onto the non existent wall to stop myself, which was a big mistake haha! I almost toppled over, but just managed to correct myself before doing so. That was a close call!

When the entrance to the temple unlocks, it didn't actually 'unlock' for me. When I rode the cylinder block towards the entrance it sent me through the unopened lock into the temple, which was a bit weird. Also the top part of the lock that was supposed to open, the texture of it was glitching and flashing but only the top part did this. Apart from that I didn't notice anything glitching, except at one point it was like the torch went out and the light sort of turned off and on again a couple of times really quickly, which seemed like a bug. This only happened once though. I didn't record this short session, but next time I'll try and dedicate a bit more time to it and do a recording, so you can watch it back and see what I mean.

I'll give it another try tomorrow and let you know how it goes 👍

The direction I'm facing when on the cylinder block I actually have 2.3m, but I'm not sure if the feet markers are in the middle of the 2m square that steam says I have, which would put me closer to the side where I ran out of space. If there was a way to reset the feet markers to where I'm actually stood before attempting that part again, I'd be able to make it as I'd just stand further back in my play space before trying it again, giving me enough room. Or would this affect other sequences as I continue?

To be honest I didn't even think of taking small steps backwards, which does actually make sense with it being a cylinder as you would slide off it I guess. I think that's because I stood still and it did seem to make it right up until the square block before I fell off it, so it didn't occur to me that I needed to move whilst on the block. Now you've pointed it out, it does make perfect sense though.

Will you be implementing some sort of hint system? Maybe something that triggers when lots of deaths have occurred in the same spot? Or maybe something the player can trigger when they can't work out how to do something and they need some help before rage quitting :-)

I tried this out today. Unfortunately I kind of 'fell at the first hurdle'. It started off fine until I got to the first rolling cylinder shaped blocks. I stepped onto the first one and then when I had to step off it onto the square block I had run out of play space and couldn't step onto the square block, so I just kept falling off the rolling block. It seemed to make me fall off the cylinder block very quickly, almost before it had even stopped moving. Because of this I couldn't continue any further. My play space is 2x2m (I do have about 2.3m but due to the odd shape of my room Steam calls is 2x2m.. Is this too small to play this game?

Hi there! I'm Rev, an avid gamer who's newly into VR, specifically the Vive. I make Youtube videos in my spare time (which I never seem to have very much of) and work a boring 9-5 office job to pay the bills. Looking forward to testing out Eye of the Temple, just wish I had the TPCast already as I seem to like wrapping myself up in the Vive cord :-|