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I tried this out today. Unfortunately I kind of 'fell at the first hurdle'. It started off fine until I got to the first rolling cylinder shaped blocks. I stepped onto the first one and then when I had to step off it onto the square block I had run out of play space and couldn't step onto the square block, so I just kept falling off the rolling block. It seemed to make me fall off the cylinder block very quickly, almost before it had even stopped moving. Because of this I couldn't continue any further. My play space is 2x2m (I do have about 2.3m but due to the odd shape of my room Steam calls is 2x2m.. Is this too small to play this game?

Hi, thanks for trying it out!

The cylinder block is a new addition and I was curious how it would fare. I suspect it has usability problems.

2x2 meter should be just about enough. When you are "riding" the cylinder, do you stand still while it's moving? Or taking small steps backwards in order to stay "on top of it" while it's rolling?

The direction I'm facing when on the cylinder block I actually have 2.3m, but I'm not sure if the feet markers are in the middle of the 2m square that steam says I have, which would put me closer to the side where I ran out of space. If there was a way to reset the feet markers to where I'm actually stood before attempting that part again, I'd be able to make it as I'd just stand further back in my play space before trying it again, giving me enough room. Or would this affect other sequences as I continue?

To be honest I didn't even think of taking small steps backwards, which does actually make sense with it being a cylinder as you would slide off it I guess. I think that's because I stood still and it did seem to make it right up until the square block before I fell off it, so it didn't occur to me that I needed to move whilst on the block. Now you've pointed it out, it does make perfect sense though.

Will you be implementing some sort of hint system? Maybe something that triggers when lots of deaths have occurred in the same spot? Or maybe something the player can trigger when they can't work out how to do something and they need some help before rage quitting :-)

Yeah I need to come up with a way to make it easier to figure out how to handle the cylinder, or remove it entirely.

If you get a chance to try again now you have a hint from me, I'd be very interested in hearing how it goes then. If there's other issues with it too, or a hint is sufficient.


I'll give it another try tomorrow and let you know how it goes 👍