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Just tried this out and didn't hit my ceiling, wasn't even close. My arm was never straight so no problems at all.

I liked the extra colour you've added to it, definitely makes a positive difference. The texture of the blocks inside the narrow corridors part is much better as well. The spikes are a good addition, just adds that little bit more "I don't want to fall off here" feeling.

I'm not sure what I think of the pink gems. I like the idea, just seems a bit random. With the torch being the thing you have to hit them with, it feels like it should be more connected to the torch somehow, like if it was something which disappeared in a puff of flames when the torch hit it, would make more sense in my head. Just my personal preference though, other people may really like the gems.

Oh and I noticed a few of the gems were clipped inside 1 of the columns near the entrance to the temple as well.

Ok cool, glad the height vs. ceiling is not a problem!

I noticed a bit of clipping as well; I'll look into fixing that.

I haven't yet settled on the appearance of the gems; I think in the end there might be another tool for the other hand and you can pick up gems with either one, so I'm not sure I want to tie it to the torch specifically just yet. But I agree it seems maybe a bit random now. I'll be thinking about what I can do about that.