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Eye of the Temple

Explore an vast and treacherous temple in room-scale VR · By runevision

First play through test

A topic by Jaysinvialoux created Feb 01, 2017 Views: 262 Replies: 10
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Let me start off with, why is this in pre alpha testing? This game has more polish than 90% of the steam games out there! This already feels like a finished product. The game played great and looked great. I'm running on an i7 4720hq/gtx 980ti and I didn't encounter any judders or frame loss. Usually when I try an alpha I have a ton of suggestion but this game is great the way it is. The only thing I would hope for is more levels and puzzles. I would also suggest giving it a more temple of doom feeling by adding in more dangers like swinging blades and shooting darts. Again, great game and looking forwad of future update


Thanks a lot for trying it out and for the feedback. I'm super happy to hear you had such a positive experience overall. :)

Let's try to set the bar high and imagine I would set a price point of this game of $19.99. Would this game live up to what you expect of a game priced like that? And if not, what would it take to make it worth it?

You talk about more levels and puzzles and some more dangers, and that makes a lot of sense to me. If this is the primary thing, how much more content would be fitting for this game at that price compared to what there is now?

to reach that $19.99 price you'd definetly need more levels. As a player, I am not satisfied if I can't get at least 4-5 hours of game play for that price unless it's only online.


also made a video



Very cool video! When sharing it, should I credit you as Jaysin, Jaysinvialoux, a twitter handle, or what do you prefer?

as VHS productions

as you seen in the video that this being a 1 controller game I tried to set one of the controllers aside but it wouldn't disappear and I could see it floating across the room and was very distracting so I was forced to hold a useless controller. Could you program it so the other controller disappears


Yes, that's a good idea. :)


I just turned 1 controller off, problem solved :-)


Just an update to this suggestion:

I would also suggest giving it a more temple of doom feeling by adding in more dangers like swinging blades and shooting darts.

The new build has swinging blades (just a few in a challenge tunnel for now). Also some fire hazards.

Check it out: https://itch.io/t/70586/new-build-april-2

awesome! ill give it a go