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Tried this out today. Really liking the extra addition! Feel more like Indiana Jones with a whip in your hand :-)

Noticed that the torch doesn't hit the lever all the time, just passes through it sometimes. I think the whip doesn't crack unless it hits something? I could be wrong but that's how it appeared, as I couldn't seem to crack it in the air like a real whip would. 

Liking the water & the background scenery. Adds a bit of a wow factor when you overlook the valley of mountains after the room of pillars. Speaking of the pillar rooms, I surprised myself by beating both rooms without being knocked off once, when I played the very first build it took me at least 10-15 goes. If I remember correctly, the routes you have to take seemed very similar in both rooms. Maybe that could be changed up a bit?

The flying bugs surprised me, wasn't expecting them! Like others have said, some indication that you're actually doing damage would be good. Some other creatures/animals would be great, but I'm sure you'll be working on that already.

Some of the gems were clipping into the corners of some walls, I think in the same places where I spotted them from the first build where they were introduced.

Thought the added music, swinging blades and fire were a great addition too. The flames particularly were awesome, almost felt the heat from them :-)

I didn't attempt a speedrun, as I think it just wouldn't be safe for me in my minimum playspace and with the Vive cable. I almost ripped the cable out of the link box a few times when I was just taking my time :-| Can't wait for wireless VR to be the norm, as my cable gets tangled like crazy.

Noticed you'd not changed anything on the top of the temple. Do you have any plans for that part? I just spent the whole time travelling across the top just playing with the whip some more.

I think that's all for now, if I remember anything else I'll let you know.

Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback and suggestions!

I think the whip doesn't crack unless it hits something?

I know. :( I spent so long trying to make this work but ultimately didn't succeed yet. All the approaches I tried either made it too hard to create the crack, or made it happen too often at times that didn't seem correct. There are still a few more ideas I can try though.