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OK so I tried again today. Didn't have much time but wanted to at least get inside the temple. For some reason sound wasn't working for me either, couldn't get it to come out of the headset. Probably a problem my end since I updated windows and all my sound devices reset. But anyway, riding the cylinders was a piece of cake once I knew I had to take little steps backwards. Definitely don't get rid of the cylinders, I do like the idea of them as it brings something different than just stepping and waiting whilst the block moves. I think for the very first one, if people were to look down and see themselves sliding off it, they would work out what to do. I made the mistake of stepping on it and looking forwards which is why I didn't work out I had to step backwards whilst it was rolling forwards. The 2x2m playspace is just enough to keep going, at times touching the edges when stood on the blocks. I really liked the part where you're sent high up and then move across above everything. I'm not afraid of heights, but if people were I could imagine that part may scare them a little.

At one point I did lose my balance a little and subconsciously tried to lean onto the non existent wall to stop myself, which was a big mistake haha! I almost toppled over, but just managed to correct myself before doing so. That was a close call!

When the entrance to the temple unlocks, it didn't actually 'unlock' for me. When I rode the cylinder block towards the entrance it sent me through the unopened lock into the temple, which was a bit weird. Also the top part of the lock that was supposed to open, the texture of it was glitching and flashing but only the top part did this. Apart from that I didn't notice anything glitching, except at one point it was like the torch went out and the light sort of turned off and on again a couple of times really quickly, which seemed like a bug. This only happened once though. I didn't record this short session, but next time I'll try and dedicate a bit more time to it and do a recording, so you can watch it back and see what I mean.

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Great, glad to hear the rolling platforms worked this time!

I uploaded a new build (thread here) where there's some simple tutorial instructions for now on some signs. I might replace it with a more elegant and subtle way to teach it later, but for now this will hopefully lead people in the right direction.

The game is a lot about the sensation of heights and keeping one's balance. For people with fear of heights, it's challenging or impossible to play depending on how bad they feel it and how much they're interested in challenging themselves. It's both a strength and a weakness of the game.

I identified the bug you talked about with the gate not opening properly and some textures flashing/glitching. It should be fixed in the new build.

The download key you got will work for the new build (January 29) as well.