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Aah I see. Cool I'll give it a try!

I'd like to play this while kneeling for more immersion. Is there a way to recentre my position?

I love it! This was my first taste of the game. The rolling platforms are especially fun, it really feels like you're backpedalling to stay on.

I don't know if you're aware, but the door doesn't open all the way right now, you only see the mechanism slide back. Also, the two button elevators that you take to unlock the door on either side, the platforms sort of stay there and you go up on a duplicate and go through the object.

I haven't reached very far inside the temple, but I really enjoy the lighting from the torch. Sadly my playspace is a little too cramped (shelves and tables jutting in here and there) and I tangled on the cable a little too much, but that's not the game's fault. I really like it! I was grinning the whole time.

I can imagine you going "this whip game is so realistic! I feel like i'm holding a real one!" as you're grabbing the Vive cable. :D

Hey, I'm Bassem a.k.a. u/Kuroyama on reddit. Aspiring gamemaker :D. I like testing VR games as a way to learn about VR game design. I've already tested around eight VR games for developers. Been imagining making a whip in VR so I'm glad and interested to see Eye of the Temple.

Hi, I am only getting Paypal as a payment option for this game. I don't know why. Other games on itchio let me pay directly by card. I don't have Paypal in my country. Any idea?