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Good visuals and music. Game feels polished. It's well explained, well done including a tutorial and info screen before gameplay. The suitcases are very well distinguished and paired with the conveyors, great job there. The character's slidey movement was quite annoying, and targeting objects / counters was a little finicky. Pretty difficult right out of the gate (ha ha, I make-a ze pun.) Nice job overall!

Very pretty art and lovely music. Doesn't fit the theme of the jam. I think it would be better if you didn't center the character on the screen; move him back to the left, and leave more space to see and react to the obstacles. The way it's done by the Google Chrome dino run game.

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Nice art style.

I actually like that there are two ingredients that look alike; keeps you on your toes! I see many people didn't enjoy that, so maybe differentiate them a little more. But keep them kinda similar!

Like everyone said, it would be good if there was more time to read the ingredients list before starting. I'm not sure adding a "read ingredients and press key to start" popup is a good idea, as it would make it too easy. But perhaps showing the ingredients in the center of the screen for a couple seconds with a beeping countdown and then moving them to the top and starting automatically.

EDIT: to add to the previous paragraph: It took me about 4 Game Overs to realise that there were certain ingredients I had to avoid. Because my eyes hadn't had time to read the top of the screen; the game had started immediately. That's another reason why I think centering the ingredients for a few seconds would be better.

I didn't like how much inertia the hand has, felt too slidey for me...

I liked the additional pizza-packing screen that allows me to add a more bonus points to my score the closer I hit the center of the box.

I really liked the music tracks!

Hey, I kept playing this several times! It's a score chaser for sure. I enjoyed taking the shortcut down the middle and evading the car.

Some things can be improved like the bike's pathing. I don't know if you intentionally made it possible to move sideways in the road. It would be good if you let the bike be locked to the middle of the path, like in the game Pac-Man. Right now it's too easy to get stuck on the corners.

I would suggest adding a beep every second when it gets to 10 seconds and under, and a happy "ding!" when you deliver a package.

Aah I see. Cool I'll give it a try!

I'd like to play this while kneeling for more immersion. Is there a way to recentre my position?

I love it! This was my first taste of the game. The rolling platforms are especially fun, it really feels like you're backpedalling to stay on.

I don't know if you're aware, but the door doesn't open all the way right now, you only see the mechanism slide back. Also, the two button elevators that you take to unlock the door on either side, the platforms sort of stay there and you go up on a duplicate and go through the object.

I haven't reached very far inside the temple, but I really enjoy the lighting from the torch. Sadly my playspace is a little too cramped (shelves and tables jutting in here and there) and I tangled on the cable a little too much, but that's not the game's fault. I really like it! I was grinning the whole time.

I can imagine you going "this whip game is so realistic! I feel like i'm holding a real one!" as you're grabbing the Vive cable. :D

Hey, I'm Bassem a.k.a. u/Kuroyama on reddit. Aspiring gamemaker :D. I like testing VR games as a way to learn about VR game design. I've already tested around eight VR games for developers. Been imagining making a whip in VR so I'm glad and interested to see Eye of the Temple.

Hi, I am only getting Paypal as a payment option for this game. I don't know why. Other games on itchio let me pay directly by card. I don't have Paypal in my country. Any idea?