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I found a moment in my recording that perfectly shows a point where the orbs were hard to see IMAGE

I assume you'd like it to make it more clear whether the game registered you stepping onto a new platform or not?

Exactly, I'm not sure if a volume slider is a good idea for the sound, but a least a toggle would be nice.

It sounded like you wanted the glowy orbs that signify where the gems will appear to be more visible? Do the gems themselves need to be more visible too or are those okay?

In the sunlight the glowy orbs were hard to see and some were hidden by some sort of bug with the water, in the dark they were easier to see though. The gems themselves seemed fine to me.

Also in the video I suggested some sort of small audio to know when you get on a new platform, that I think your pyramid game had (maybe add an option to enable/disable as well).

The beetle fight confused me because I didn't know if my attacks actually did anything or if I simply needed to go away and they automatically died.  I tried hitting and even trying to grab them with the whip but it only seemed to push them back, and the torch did very little as well. I'm not sure what to suggest as I don't know the proper way it was meant to be done. If they had some sort of health then maybe have them glow and dim or start flashing as they lose health and near death.

I'm glad you found the video helpful. I'll try to record whenever I play, but I have only played once so far and don't know if progress is saved at all. I've recorded it by actually just doing an unlisted livestream to youtube since I don't have a lot of storage space. Because its a livestream it could end up a very long video that might be a bit much to watch through, so I'll try to split it into parts if I do play a long session.

First launch had an error.
  Data Folder not found. There should be 'EyeOfTheTemple_WhipPuzzle_Data' folder next to the executable
This was fixed by renaming EyeOfTheTemple_Data folder to the expected name.

Using Oculus Touch, the whip was push down stick and menu button was B, so it worked fine. I suggest an option for switching hands since you can't swap which controller is held when it comes to the touch.

I've recorded my first 17 minutes of game play, currently as an unlisted youtube video here

I do have the touch with only a 2 sensor 360 tracking.

In Chrysalis Pyramid I did get against my bounds as my space is smaller at about 1.7 or .8 by 2 meters, but played just fine.

Here is an image of my play space at the start

Hello, I've played your Chrysalis Pyramid as well as many other free "Vive" games with the Oculus Rift. If you ever want Rift owner to test the game, I would be glad to help.