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Attack of the Assembly LineView game page

A Platformer without Movement.
Submitted by Kirky₉₉₇ (Sam), Team Space Horse — 3 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline

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It's an interesting concept, but it can be explored further. Maybe have the pieces add abilities as you collect them? Make the piece acquisition a new game mechanic, instead of being just collectibles. Good job on the game anyway!


Interesting concept! It's like an on rail shooter.

> The idea is interesting and gives a twist to the usual platformer.

> The art is also good, although maybe consider putting some animations if you continue to develop this game.

> I think one of the confusing aspects of the game is that it's not always so clear what you have to shoot and there's very little time to react. I think you can improve the idea by (1) rebalancing the speed of the game and (2) thinking of ways to better telegraph the objects that need to be shot to effectively communicate to the player what to do.

Overall good idea! Good job and thanks for the game man!

P.S. Please consider playing and giving feedback to our game as well! We are in need of more ratings.




I appreciate all of the friendly and constructive feedback so far everyone. Looking forward to  improving the game. Many thanks and stay tuned!


That's a very cool concept! It fits entirely into the theme.
The art and music are also good, however if you are planning to carry on with its develoment, I would suggest you to balance difficulty or rethink the mechanics of shooting. Perhaps just by hitting spacebar should be enough, them you add other challenges to balance it again or it would be too easy them. Players don't like to struggle with mechanics. ;)
Nice entry! =)


Concept is neat, but the game is hard to understand. It takes a lot of trial and error to even know what to do. It would probably be better if mechanics were slowly introduced, a tutorial was made on what can be done, or just slow down the game so the player can try to react. Adding one of those would make this a really interesting game to play.


Good idea, but not very well executed. It's hard to predict when the objects fall down on you, it's just too fast. I got to the second level but when I died I had to start over, so I quit. Anyway, it's a very interesting concept and the art is really good, congrats!


I little small tutorial at the beginning to understand how to play would have helped me to not dying many times trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. :P I knew the goal which was to collect everything but did not understand why I was shooting, what I was shooting at, and when. Still, I think it is an interesting concept and a cool way to play a platformer. :D


I found the game a bit frustrating to play. It took me more than one attempt to figure out how to solve most of the challenges, and having to restart the not just the level but the whole game every time was annoying, especially if you died just because you didn't know exactly what each button would do. Maybe I'm just bad at video games, some of the people below seemed to have a better time than me, but I found it punishing rather than challenging.

All that said though, I did replay the game and the bits that I could remember how to do were fun to play! Regardless, I really like the concept of the game. Perhaps it would work even better if you could just click the buttons instead of having to shoot them? Certainly a lot of potential for a cool puzzle/reflex game! And of course, the game has a charming visual style and nice music. Good job!


nice art, great gameplay


Not sure if others are having the same issue, but it seems waaaay to fast. Not sure if it's a problem just on my end, but the speed at which he goes from conveyor belt to conveyor belt is suuuuper fast and it's  nearly impossible to click the buttons in time. hopefully others can play a slowed down version but for me it was unplayable


Interesting concept.  After skimming some of the other comments here, I have to agree with what others are saying.  I'd like to know before shooting each button, what exactly they do, and maybe a little more time to react, at least in the beginning.  The very first go I was frantically pushing buttons trying to figure out what to do while making my way to the right, off the edge towards my inevitable demise.  If you teach me what to do first, I'll find it less frustrating when you kill me, as I'll only be able to blame myself.  

On a different note, love the art.  


A nice idea and nice realization. I liked the diffeculty, it was hard but fair. I thing you should be able to select a level once you first entered it and not always go back right to the beginning. Also near the end of the first level there was stuff falling from above but you weren´t able to see it, that was a bit unfair.

All in all i liked it and would like to see more.


Cool idea and nice realization also. Feels rewarding to actually move forward. But it's quite hard to understand the game at first and that can be frustrating. A smoother start is in order :)


Challenging, but fair. I love the concept, that main menu is very creative, and music's pretty catchy.


Cool concept but it's hard to tell what to do at first. I like the way the robot looks!


Make it faster, change up the music and level design to accomodate and this is practically a rhythm game. It's weird to not know which button does what, but apart from that, it's p nice. Well done!


I found it interesting. However, there's no way of knowing what button affects what. Why use a line renderer to make a little wire connecting the button to the thing it affects. Also, take some pointers from Mark's video on the 4 step level  design of mario. I mean the first time i hit the shoot block and the flap rose up killing me I really considered hitting Alt+F4. However, It is a fun game once you understand how it works

This one, In case you're wondering:


It looks good and the idea itself is really nice, but I think you did not leave a whole lot of reaction time for the player.

Also, the game is too punishing in my opinion. Losing a levels means restarting everything, and it takes a few clicks to get back to the game instead of just throwing me at the start of the level again, In games where you get punished for every bad move you should consider making the death loop faster or else it gets frustrating.


Interesting idea! I'd like to see it with more advanced levels. A lot of it felt kinda slow since you just had to wait but the one part with the three spring pads that changed directions was a nice twist. I liked that part of the level the most. I'd recommend that you make it more obvious that you can shoot the falling objects. I failed a few times on the very last stretch because I hit them and I only found out that I could get rid of them by shooting them because I just shot a bunch out of frustration because I could tell they were gonna hit me again.

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