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Very good! 👌




Hi! I used Godot 3.5.1

thanks gamer

thank you mr bagels


Agreed! I get annoyed when I'm not sure that I did something.

Thank you! The camera seems to be a common complaint. I'll do my best to improve it next time for sure.

Thanks, this is some good feedback! It would've been cool to be able to choose an evolution or something. Exchange higher fire rate for more damage or something, idk. In the future I would probably make the camera move less and limit how far it can go. Nice profile pic by the way.

I'm a fan of the visuals and the gameplay was good, but the sound was a bit lacking. Overall very good!

Thank you! They might be my favorite part.

Pretty cool! I like the visuals and audio. Good job making the enemies flash when you hit them. Feedback is important.

Thank you! Yeah, it seems to be kinda hit or miss. I did movement that way because the jam page said to think about how it will play on mobile.

Thank you! I can understand why it was disorienting. If I had better judgement I would've added an option to reduce the amount that the camera moves and made it move less by default.

I played your game as well and I like it!  The idea is challenging and interesting. I just wish I was better at math tho lol.

Pretty cool! I'm a fan of the graphics. I quite like that purple trail.

Very cool! Good to see another Godot entry. The main issue I had was the audio. The shooting sound can get a bit annoying to listen to after a while. I recommend changing the pitch of the sound randomly whenever it plays. You can do so like this:

(path to audio stream player).pitch_scale = rand_range(0.9,1.1)

(If you use this you probably wanna put it above the line where you tell the audio stream player to play.)

Very cool! I recommend text time trying to add some screenshake! I love me some good screnshake.

Man, this is visually awesome!

It's so cool to see the rocket blast off. Excellent use of the music as well.

This is neat, I like the idea! I feel sad for the caterpillars tho lol

Thank u!

Neat! It's a shame you couldn't implement everything. This jam was actually my first full Godot game. I've been working with construct for a while and yeah, Godot for the win!!!

As all eggs must do.

Thank you!

I love this concept! the eggs are cute and funny. The gameplay was rather interesting too. A bit mind bending, which is good.

Thanks! And with a title like "Eggs with Legs" I just gotta check that out lol.

Thanks man!

Thank you! Also, I quite like the art for your game. Bravo!

No problem. That should help.

Nice game! This was made in Godot, right? I'm a fan of the visuals, but the lack of sound is a bit disappointing.

Also, the game is too large on my screen. Did you set the size on the edit game page? I recommend resetting the size back to the default and keeping the fullscreen button.

Lastly, this goes along with the theme quite nicely!

Thanks for the feedback! I might adjust the star brightness if I'm able. Idk how many things I can tweak after the deadline. About 9 hours ago I was able to improve performance moderately, but I'm guessing you played after I made the changes. There's also a windows download version if you want potentially better performance.

Thanks again!

Thanks! I think some auto aim would be a good idea! Especially for smaller screens.

Thank you! I was able to improve performance several hours after the deadline (I just got rid of a lighting effect) but that was before you commented so I hope it's still not too laggy.

Ay, thanks! If I make another top down shooter I might add some actual levels. That'd be something!

Hey, looks like another Godot game! Nice! While I'm a fan of the art, I'm not exactly sure what the goal is in the game and what is has to do with the theme. Otherwise nice!

Thank you!

Thank you! I was a bit worried about that. I tried to strike a balance between being able to see far enough and not get visual whiplash lol.

Ayyy, thanks man! Looking to the frog RPG!