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This is pretty neat! I feels real good to charge up your arrow all the way lol

Design: 4/5

Theme adherence:5/5

Originality: 4/5

lol I haven't even played I was hacked in a while

guess I'll have to go revisit it soon to compare

Thanks for the defense. It's alright if a couple of people think I'm cheating. I agree that they may be a little too similar, but the only thing I really copied from "I Was Hacked" is the teleportation. 

(I redid the code tho for some reason lol)

Thank you very much! :D

O dang, that's a great score!Good joke too lol

Hey man, thanks! :D

94 is really good! I'm quite impressed lol

I don't think I'm breaking any rules.

¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯


Awesome! You're almost to the interesting parts!

Thank you! :D


Sorry you don't like it. I do change things up at about 60 points tho. 


o dang!

Well thank you very much! :D

Glad to see that people find it weird, but not TOO weird lol

Thanks man! Glad u likey


The title in itself is amazing!

This is kinda true lol

That and tic tac toe

thank you! it's an stroke ov geenus 

Thanks, I'll go tell the monkey writers I hired that they did a good job.

Ay, thanks! :D Idk how to improve projectile visibility, and I gtg somewhere soon so I won't really have time to fix it sadly. 

Thanks 4 the feedbacc!

Thank you! Me too actually lol

thanks! It was actually just one sound effect but played at different speeds

Me have big brain

Yeah, really lololol



thanks lol

this was just a joke submission tho, I'm working on my actual entry now

It is what it is.

Dang, lots of comments! Thanks!


Ay, thanks!

Sorry, but the game engine I use is 2D, so I can't really make good 3D environments.

(1 edit)

Sorry you feel that way. I had a lot of fun making it; but it's alright if you think that. 

Thanks for telling me!


Awesome! It feels good when the developer listens.

I think that would be perfect! A map can be annoying for both the player and the coder lol

Really cool, but I keep on wandering off and getting lost. The planet looks smaller than it really is lol

The most epic first game of all time!

I haven't played the game yet, but I already love it because of this quote:
"you get a weapon at the start and that is all you get far as help lol. "

Dis gam gud! I got lost though. I couldn't find the boss; but take that with a grain of salt because I'm not the biggest Metroidvania fan.