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Glad to hear you had fun!


alright thanks. I just thought I'd ask cause this is the first time I'm considering doing a post jam polished version so I didn't know the procedure.

I want to start working on a 2.0 version of my game with some more polish and dialogue. However, I wanted to ask if this is okay while voting is still open as I feel like it may affect the votes in some way. I don't want people rating my game based on the post jam version and giving me inflated scores. So can I make a new version of the game or must I wait? Also, do I link it to the submissions page or not?

Thanks for commenting! Yeah. I wanna do saves. Also, there's some dialogue that's recorded, scripted and even in the game files. However, due to some glitch it just never triggers.

I'll be fixing the above in a new version later down the line

Apart from that, what did you think of the game itself?

That's fine then. I had to cut my games end out too! It just ends with some text on a black screen explaining the ending.

The game is well made. However, there are a few issues. Firstly I never knew how to swap weapons. Consider having controls in the game description if not directly in the game itself. Secondly, I found it too easy. Consider having faster or more enemies. Alternatively, force player to make their own difficulty by having a combo system or having your health tick down unless you attack enemies.

Great art and theming! My only criticism is that as much as they looked great, the darkness levels were rather annoying. Other than that I'd say it's a solid 4/5 that's nudging a 5/5.

The art and sound are well done. However, I feel like the most effective way to get a high score is also the least cool. Just jump and hit the ninjas One by one. Instead, Consider multipliers or something like that to force players to do cool stuff and. Remember that given the choice between cool and winning most players will do watever makes them win. Mark did a good video on this same topic

This is one of those few times I've rated a game 5 out of 5. Hell, I wouldn't even give my own game a 5 out of 5

Your game has great presentation! The art and music were well done and kept my interest. However, I feel like the game part of the game was a little lacking. Not bad, but lacking. Maybe you could have had the crew in seperate rafts in an open enviornment with some sort of a tracker with a distance at the edge of the screen. That would help flesh out the game a little without requiring any new art assets.

Your game was interesting. However, I think it's a little too simple. I like that you stick rigidly to the theme. That being said, I feel like you ripped a little too much out. If you want to see something similar to this with some more polish check out grooverider for the PS2. 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, Symmetric levels in a game where you spin around a lot probably wasn't my best idea yet.

Yeah, I kinda regret the poor level design in hindsight. It would've been wiser to signpost a little harder

it's fine man! That's how I'll learn to make good games. Thanks for your time. 

Okay so I found this really interesting. I loved the random generation. However, I'd suggest making more chunks for the random level spawner to draw from to make the game more fun. However, as soon as I started to recognize all of the chunks, I started to play it more like a rythm game where I was quickly matching the dots through muscle memory as soon as I saw the beginning of a chunk. 

P.S.: I play a lot of CS:GO so I didn't have issues with aim but always make the first level (or start in your case where it's infinite) so easy even a toddler could get it.

The game was interesting. However, I'd consider moving the plane back to allow for more time to react to the incoming obstacles. Also, I finished the game by holding one arrow key to push my plain sideways against a barrel. so I essentially wedged my plane on a barrel and accidentally beat the game first try.

Okay so the instruction thing mentioned below. Apart from that i feel like 3 or 4 colours would be enough. As it is the game is too challenging for a web game. Consider maybe switching to a lives system or making the blocks move slower to make it more forgiving if you really loved the 6 colours you have and don't wanna scale back to 3-4. Apart from the above mentioned changes it was interesting

It was interesting. However, I feel like there's a huge spike from the first level (challenging but possible, and thus interesting) to the second one (Where am I supposed to go?) . Also, I cleared the large platforming challenge near the end of level 1 by just spam clicking above my cube. Could be fixed with some cooldown or something.

It was interesting! However, I felt like the weapons were a little unbalanced. I meant the magnet and sling were wierd and interesting. However, without any ammo or clip size limits I found myself just spamming the bouncy gun at nearby wall and just breezing throught levels like that. Apart from the imbalance it's fun!

Consider looking into making it scroll smoothly. Something about the jumpy scrolling made me feel a little ill. If that's hard then make it single screen! I feel like it could work if you put a little more time into it. There's something here!

i think it's definetly interesting. I'd suggest having a slight low-detail background or lightening up and enlarging the stuff that matters. Always look at your game while squinting (Or take your glasses off, my personal methord of checking readability) to see if your game is clear or not.

This is my favourite game from this jam so far (Including my own!). I really respect the fact that you focused on making a smaller game and making it polished to a mirror shine. There is this tendency of most devs (me included) to make something sprawing and large but rough. And frankly i think the work on the lettering and colour scheme is great! a rare 5/5 from me!

I found it interesting. However, there's no way of knowing what button affects what. Why use a line renderer to make a little wire connecting the button to the thing it affects. Also, take some pointers from Mark's video on the 4 step level  design of mario. I mean the first time i hit the shoot block and the flap rose up killing me I really considered hitting Alt+F4. However, It is a fun game once you understand how it works

This one, In case you're wondering:

Thanks for the comment! Dunno bout the one spell suggestion. The idea was to have you frantically swapping spells around to fit your needs at that moment. As for the rear view mirror, That's actually a really good idea. I may do that if i decide to do something similar for a later jam

It's funny that despite this being a GMTK jam, the one video that would have helped  me a lot was his video on Uncharted 3's level design. I realized that after the face though :(

Just some advice, I think that issue is cause the unity internal resolution for WebGL Exports is 960x600. I'd advice changing the Unity Canvas setting UI scale mode from "Constant pixel size" to "Scale with screen size" so it's the same regardless of resolution an aspect ratio. It's basically magic and I don't know why It's not default. Also, run your game in whacky resolutions and aspect ratios to look for misbehaving HUD elements. It really fixes a lot of your players HUD issues regardless of what monitor setup they have

Ayyy thanks man! Yeah It's not something that would really be fun for over 15-20 minutes even if polished up. Frankly I just liked the "Dungeon crawler without Crawling" tagline and went from there.

The game was interesting. However, I really don't see how it fits with the theme. We need to make a game with a core mechanic ripped out. This was less of that and more of a fresh new concept. However, That's both a good and a bad thing so i guess it balances out either way

The game screen was kinda glitchy and kept flashing. The game is cool otherwise but it's probarbly not too good for people who suffer from epilepsy

The game itself was interesting. However, In my opinion music isn't as core to a rythm game as say Shooting is to an FPS or Leveling is to an RPG.

It was really interesting. I loved how the story didn't do a big song and dance in front of your face but was in the background and genuinely made me think about how I treat strangers. Good job!

It was really interesting. I loved how you really shifted the core of the genre. I haven't seen this type of match 3 before

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Okay so the concept and execution are very good, The presentation is top notch. However, In my opinion, What lets you down is the level design. As an example there were multipls examples of text appearing half on the white background(good) and half on a black level object(not as good). Also I was not always sure if i beat the level or if it just ended.  Apart from that i found your game really interesting

Also, I got a little chuckle out of the blender logo killing me because that's how i feel whenever I open that complex ass program.

The game is decent however I have a few issues. Firstly,  It's too simple. Try increasing the spawn rate of blocks or their speed. My other criticism is that music isn't core to the gameplay of a rythm game. What I mean is that if I were deaf, I'd see no difference between this and Rock band as opposed to how you'd really notice if someone ripped the shooting out of a FPS. Lastly, The moment I saw the game I really wanted a version where It's a rythm game but the songs are all terrible. I'm serious, put on your screechiest most annoying voice and go to town on a microphone for a solid 15 minutes and you have the game of the year.

This game is really well made. I had an issue on the third level where I kept flinging myself into a spot that i couldn't get out of but apart from that it was a top notch game

Thanks for playing my game! Frankly this is the first time I'm seeing someone other than my immediate friends or family play my game so it's a little odd for me. I loved the video however I must say I'm a little disappointed that you didn't meet Hanz or my other characters in some of the later orders. Anyway, it's not like you have much time to spend on each game seeing as there's so many to get through.

Also, thanks for the spitting in the food comment, if I ever decide to remake this game you better believe that's my first addition.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah, the AI was a last minute squeeze cause I realised that most people playing may not have a friend on hand at all times. But I'm happy that it's working out.