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Kart Racing - Without the Steering Wheel
Submitted by easilyBaffled — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Simple concept, but quite nice. I don't know how, but I've been able to warp across the entire track several times. Maybe I'm better at Mario Kart than I think! Anyway, maybe a bit long, but still  fun. Good job!


Yeah, I agree with the others. The design is nice, but I'm not sure the tracks should "wrap" when you try to move inside/outside. This makes the whole concept a bit too easy I guess. Also is there any advantage to ever using the middle lane?


love it, simple design which make it easy to keep track of everything and seems like something that could really be expanded into something bigger and better 


I like the concept, but it gets quite repetitive with 30 laps. This could be an interesting game if you make it bigger.


Ummm...The concept seems like a cool idea but IDK what happened, I was unable to understand how exactly I played. The tutorial may have said it but I was not able to catch it since it started while I was still looking at the description, no way to go back and revisit an instruction, then the tutorial become slow and made me want to hit every single key on my keyboard trying to skip so that I could play the game and when it said start I was all like "Wait, what? Who am I? what do I do? do I just stare and hope for the best?..." :(

Perhaps making the tutorial like slides I can go back and forward would be a great improvement so that I don't have to reload the whole thing to see what I miss (or at least add them to the game's description) and not have to wait for them to be done to start playing the game. :D Still, props for having such a detailed in-game introduction.

What needs to be said, has already been said.


Your game was interesting. However, I think it's a little too simple. I like that you stick rigidly to the theme. That being said, I feel like you ripped a little too much out. If you want to see something similar to this with some more polish check out grooverider for the PS2. 

This is fun to start out, but replay ability is limited at best. Could use some more tracks and power ups. Also, are you supposed to be able to skip the entire second half of the track?


Nice concept, but needs some more twists (and tracks) to keep it interesting. Also, you can jump from the inner track to the outer one by pressing inwards; is that intended ? Doesn't feel quite right.

Cool concept, but replayability is very very limited, even if you had more tracks.


The tutorial was great, although after a long time it kinda got stale, maybe more variety would be nice,

Not a bad concept tho.

shameless plug:


The concept itself is kinda boring (at least to me), as taking away the steering from a racing game just leaves you with fewer options. The execution is also a little meh, and the music doesn't loop properly and is a little annoying.


Nice simple fun

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I enjoyed this, I could see it being really pretty fun multiplayer or as a larger game.

It seemed like occasionlly I'd teleport to somewhere else on the track when I changed lanes. I couldn't work out why.


really interesting, pretty easy once I found a glitch or exploit. I was able to get 30 laps before the CPU could get to 10, if you are on the far right track, just hold the right arrow to then switch tracks really fast before the finish line and it will teleport you further into the race and will add 3-7 laps onto your lap count.


wow, I really like the simple design here. there's a surprising amount of depth once you have to start having to dodge obstacle and think about speed boosts vs. shortest distance. great job!


it's actually very fun tho it's very simple, with items and stuff this could easily be an entire game i think. 4/5

sorry for the bad english xd