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Eternal DungeonView game page

The dungeon crawler without any crawling
Submitted by Rami Jhirad — 57 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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The sound-design is what it is, but I loved it!

The game is surprisingly fun to control! I eventually figured out how to fly, and it's really cool to play with. Monsters are a bit too easy to defeat perhaps. The game is still nice to play. Congrats!


Kind of a hilarious concept, overall actually pretty fun for a short game. Nicely done!


Neat idea. I really liked the narration - almost charming. However, each spell could have been given more variety or personality. The only difference between them were really range and wind strength as far as I noticed. It was really fun gusting around on high speeds through the dungeon, but it can get a little confusing and painful for the eyes since you're constantly reversing and in first person.

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It's really cool that you recorded voice for this.

In terms of gameplay, I think it would be great feedback if enemies made sounds (because you're so often not facing them) - could be different sounds for idle, engaging, etc. Also it is missing combat feedback - I can't tell what the range of my attack is and wether or not I've really hit an enemy.

Cool idea though and it was interesting to play.


Pretty neat game you made for this jam. Clever idea for movement controls. Nicely done! I think my only real issue with the game was how I would often lose my sense of direction. But I got the hang of it eventually and found my way out.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, Symmetric levels in a game where you spin around a lot probably wasn't my best idea yet.


This game has a lot of potential! Sadly, I got a little lost and couldn't find my way out the mines - moving backwards can be quite disorienting. 4/5!


Yeah, I kinda regret the poor level design in hindsight. It would've been wiser to signpost a little harder


Gameplay: 2/4 + Aesthetic: 0/1 = 2/5 - Interesting concept, bad execution. Found the game quite interesting to begin with but then got very bored and skipped all the enemies using the wind ability, an ability used to launch yourself. Bad pacing, only 2 types of enemy, neither are aggressive enough (they won't attack unless you get really close). Very easy to get lost. Art was nice in place, too weird in others. Enemy designs were boring and nonsensical and the dungeon aesthetic made it easy to get lost. No music or sounds, just a narrator (who did make me laugh). Don't let this review change your mind about your aspirations because you do have an interesting concept her. Maybe just learn a little more about game design (Watch more Mark Brown, hehe).


It's funny that despite this being a GMTK jam, the one video that would have helped  me a lot was his video on Uncharted 3's level design. I realized that after the face though :(


yeah, oh well, sorry for the negative review, don't let reviews like mine detter you though. Carry on making games if that's your dream, I certainly believe in you :)


it's fine man! That's how I'll learn to make good games. Thanks for your time. 


Honestly I thought it was ridiculous when I started but I got quite into it. Can't see this as some kind of full length game but as a small game showcasing some unique controls it's great!


Ayyy thanks man! Yeah It's not something that would really be fun for over 15-20 minutes even if polished up. Frankly I just liked the "Dungeon crawler without Crawling" tagline and went from there.