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That is such a wonderful idea! I'll definitely try doing that when I'm feeling down :)

A collecting game... where you need to avoid items! With rhythm elements, to boot. I love it! 5/5 (that apple sprite with the purple shading is perfect! glad you didn't go with the usual poison green, it really suits the game that the apple is slightly off)

Amazing entry! The music is a perfect fit

This game has a lot of potential! Sadly, I got a little lost and couldn't find my way out the mines - moving backwards can be quite disorienting. 4/5!

I really like the look of this game's environment! The use of values in the textures/lighting is very clear, and the low poly textures/models look very good as well. My only criticism is the awfully slow-paced combat. I feel like a single streamlined "flurry" spell that both propels you, damages enemies and freezes the environment would do wonders to this game. Maybe with a little "rear view" or "minimap"  camera to see where you're going?

I like it a lot! The only thing (nitpick) that could use some more polish is the character's side sprites. 5/5!

I love it! The subtle brick tiles on the background are a really pleasing touch.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding! The file up for download is the song used for the game (I put a ♪ on the name but as I feared it is a tad hard to see). The game was meant to be played on the browser - I'm surprised the desktop app provides a download link :o

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Thanks for the feature, Sebastian! The description on the article is so perfect, I don't think I could have put it in such precise words haha

This game is wonderful! The intricate pixel art, poetry and music create an atmosphere that was truly haunting. (By the way, this color palette you chose is SO good!!! )

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you noticed the rooms themselves, I spent extra time making them unique. Did you know that if you connect them all it forms a single, coherent map?

Here's the [link] to the whole map (spoilers!)

Wow!! I'm so honoured that SSW was your introduction to Bitsy! Loved your video, definitely checking out more from your channel :)

This was too sweet! I love the neons with the dark background, very pretty

This has to be one of the most complex Bitsy games I have ever seen! Your work and effort really shines through the beautiful pixel art and incredible storytelling

The part where you look in the mirror gave me chills! This was truly a haunting tale

The music you chose fits wonderfully! The protagonist's trail of thought is also very engaging.

Oh! I didn't know  typos could be submitted there. I will send the ones I posted here, and when I finish playing the demo I'll compile a list of my findings and submit it as well. Thanks for the tip!

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I am currently playing the demo and it's lovely! The level of polish and detail is astounding - even though the unique text for every tree will kill me eventually as I frenetically search for every tree in the area haha

(edit: this post originally contained some typos I found, but now I know the right place to submit them!)